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Punt Casino Terms and Conditions

By registering and playing at Punt Casino, players automatically confirm that they understand all the rules and agree to the terms and conditions published here. Each player also acknowledges that they will periodically check the website for updates and changes.

By completing and submitting the registration form, you agree to receive marketing materials and offers from Punt Casino and our partners via email and other channels. You can opt out of receiving it at any time.

Each point listed here should be considered separately from the other points. If any of the above points should prove null and void, the rest of the general terms and conditions will remain in force. The Punt Casino T&Cs apply to all platforms. The English terms and conditions are binding in the event of a translation error and discrepancies that arise.

From this point, Punt Casino will be called us/we/casino/our. Registered members of the casino are called players/them. All monetary amounts mentioned are in the currency euro (€), even if this is not explicitly mentioned. is owned by Audeo NV and operated by Merus (UK) Ltd. operated. Audeo NV (127564) is a company registered in Curaçao, whose address is E-Commerce Park, Vredenburg, Curaçao and Merus (UK) Ltd 37A Chippenham Mews, London, England W9 2AN,United Kingdom. Audeo NV is incorporated by the Government of Curaçao licensed (license 8048/JAZ2012-016)

The General Terms and Conditions

  1. Punt Casino is independently and independently audited by a third party, the Accountancy Firm for fair odds, and found to comply with all regulations and laws affecting online casinos.
  2. All registered players/members of the casino agree that they are fully responsible for their actions and all possible consequences associated with depositing money and placing bets. You further agree that you will not hold the casino responsible for your actions. The casino is also unable to offer legal advice.
  3. Players also agree that they are betting solely for personal reasons and not for commercial purposes. Personal entertainment is the priority.
  4. You must be at least 21 years old to use our service. You may only gamble if it complies with the laws applicable in your country. Please understand that we cannot give you any legal advice or representations.
  5. Players are only allowed to have one active account. All duplicate accounts will be deleted.
  6. Players may not share their account information with other players or third parties. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to allow other players access to an account other than their own.
  7. Punt Casino players may only register one account per household, computer, IP address or business address.
  8. By entering their email address, players automatically consent to receiving promotional offers and important information through this channel. If a player is no longer interested, they can be removed from our mailing list at any time by contacting customer support.
  9. By entering the address during registration, the player agrees to receive printed promotional material from the casino. If a player is no longer interested, they can be removed from our mailing list at any time by contacting customer service.
  10. Punt Casino employees and immediate family members are not permitted to register.
  11. Ownership, title and any intellectual property including images, animations, prints, videos, audios etc. remain with the Casino.
  12. The Punt Casino software is provided to players as is, so the casino management cannot be held responsible for any bugs/errors/events that may occur.
  13. The use of anything electronic, mechanical, robotic, computer controlled or anything else that makes automated decisions is strictly prohibited.
  14. The casino maintains a zero-tolerance policy against fraud of any kind and reserves the right to closely investigate any suspicious behavior. If there is evidence of such behavior, or if deposits made are reversed, the casino reserves the right to confiscate the balance of the affected player. In addition, legal action can be taken to collect outstanding claims against the player.
  15. If you as a player are completely dissatisfied with the service managed by the casino, we will consider your case and issue a refund of your deposited amount if your reasons are understandable.
  16. Punt Casino reserves the right to limit or refuse any bets placed by players without providing a reason for such decision.
  17. Installing the casino software, registering an account and playing at the casino (as well as making a deposit and redeeming a bonus) equates to accepting all the rules and constitutes an agreement to the Terms and Conditions at all times.
  18. Punt Casino allows playing with Euros (€).
  19. We, the Casino, agree to consider any complaint made by a player if it is reasonable and justified. We then consider returning the player's deposits.

Banking And Transactions

  1. Before depositing and betting in the casino, the player alone is obliged to check all the necessary legal bases for playing at his place of residence. The player alone is also obliged to comply with all legal requirements.
  2. By participating in the casino game, the player acknowledges that he is familiar with all the rules of the casino games and that these can be found by clicking on the help button or by contacting customer support.
  3. €30 is the minimum deposit required to play casino games or claim bonuses unless otherwise stated. (As of June 6, 2016 12am EST).
  4. The maximum weekly withdrawal is €2,500 unless otherwise stated.
  5. Withdrawals are subject to a 48 hour processing time, excluding weekends and special circumstances.
  6. In case of high payout volume or high frequency of payments to a player, it may take an additional 48-72 hours for payments to be processed.
  7. Casino players are encouraged to print copies of all transaction details, rules, payment methods and cancellations/refunds to avoid later misperceptions.
  8. We, the Casino, allow ourselves to pause all payouts of winnings until all required documents have been submitted and verified by our staff.
  9. Players must submit the following documentation in the current version:
    1. identity card
    2. proof of address
    3. Confirmation of bank details
    4. A photocopy of the front and back of the credit card - first and last four digits must be visible, CVV can be redacted.
  10. If it is found that incorrect information has been submitted to the Casino by a player, we reserve the right to block their account and forfeit their funds. The account will remain suspended until we have credible evidence that the information submitted is correct.
  11. If the name provided upon registration does not match the name on the credit card used to make a deposit, we reserve the right to block the player's account without warning. The existing balance and current payments are terminated.
  12. Any form of fraud or suspicious behavior will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and banks using the player's identity and email address.
  13. . Accounts are considered unused after 180 days of inactivity. When this period has elapsed the player will be contacted by our call center and informed that the account has been inactive for 180 days and the casino will keep the existing funds after a period of 30 days if the player does not become active again or get in touch with the casino. If the player has not received notification and the casino retains the funds, the funds will be refunded upon written request to the casino after the player's identity has been provided and confirmed by us.
  14. There are several ways to transfer funds, however we reserve the right to determine how payouts are sent.
  15. The player is solely responsible for finding out about the tax regulations that apply to him with regard to casino winnings.
  16. All withdrawals may incur a processing fee of up to €40 depending on the payment processor and/or the withdrawal amount.
  17. The player is solely responsible for all applicable taxes and fees resulting from casino winnings.
  18. As of April 1st, 2016, Punt Casino is no longer responsible for any Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) charges incurred. Now these are imposed on the player.

Bonuses And Promotions Terms and Conditions

  1. At Punt Casino, every first withdrawal of a welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, or free coupons is subject to a 72 hour processing time. This is done to ensure that your confirmation payment has reached us, all required documents have been submitted and verified by our team.
  2. The first payout must always be activated by a confirmation deposit. Only a minimum deposit of €30 is accepted here.

Customers from certain countries are currently unable to join or have restricted play without receiving promotional offers from the casino.

We, the Casino, reserve the right to refuse a withdrawal if you were signed up through an affiliate but used a bonus code that does not belong to that affiliate. Coupons are created for specific affiliates and only their players are eligible to redeem them. Example: Player A registers through Affiliate A, but redeems a coupon from Affiliate B. Any resulting winnings will be void.

  1. The validity period of a bonus refers to the time in which this bonus is available.
  2. Punt Casino reserves the right to end any promotion at any time without notice.
  3. Our casino bonuses may not be paid out as winnings unless otherwise stated.
  4. If, after an investigation, it turns out that a player has fraudulently exploited our promotions, the casino management reserves the right to take the following steps against the player concerned:
    1. Cheating players' accounts may be terminated with immediate effect and without notice.
    2. Players who have fraudulently taken advantage of promotions and bonuses will be excluded from further offers of this type.
  5. All bonuses and promotions have deposit and wagering requirements. Please check this at checkout or by speaking to customer service.
  6. Punt Casino assumes no liability for offers advertised by external sites such as affiliates, forums, etc.
  7. Bonuses/promotions/coupons are only available to players who have ONE active and verified account. Bonuses and balances will be deleted if multiple accounts are created.
  8. Recurring offers are intended for registered and depositing players only. All offers (except welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses) are limited to members already in our database.
  9. Players are only allowed to redeem one welcome bonus/deposit bonus. If this rule is violated, all winnings resulting from further redeemed bonuses will be deleted.
  10. Welcome bonuses are for new players only. Already registered players who use this will lose it.
  11. In order to qualify for a casino bonus, a deposit is required in the primary currency of the place of residence. We reserve the right to cancel any bonuses resulting from deposits violating this rule.
  12. Welcome bonuses cannot be used in combination with any other bonus.
  13. 35x wagering and one deposit are the standard bonus terms - unless otherwise declared. Take a look at the checkout area to verify this. These terms must be met prior to any bonus payout to be confirmed by the casino.
  14. For information on customized coupons, please see the checkout area or contact customer service.
  15. Placing bets on prohibited games will not result in the bonus terms being met and any resulting winnings will be deleted.
  16. No deposit bonuses and free credit are always subject to a maximum withdrawal limit - regardless of whether a deposit has been made or not. Contact customer service or take a look at the cashier to find the bonus policy.
  17. If a player redeems a bonus that does not match their status or is not intended for them, all winnings and balances will be deleted.
  18. Players are only allowed to use one free/no deposit bonus at a time. Redeeming these multiple times will result in the deletion of the balance and winnings.
  19. For all no deposit bonuses, free credit and promotional offers, the maximum withdrawal limit is the amount of the bonus unless otherwise stated. For coupons under €100, the withdrawal limit is €100 unless otherwise stated.
  20. Players are only allowed to withdraw ONE no deposit or gift balance bonus. Further payments of this type are subject to confirmation by the casino management. This rule only applies to players who have not yet made a deposit. Players who deposit regularly are not affected.
  21. Winnings resulting from free funds and no deposit bonuses, after the bonus terms have been met, must first be withdrawn and then re-deposited before play can continue. If another of these bonuses is redeemed which is not intended for the player, this will result in the deletion of the balance and winnings.
  22. Players are only given four free chips/coupons between deposits. Winnings from multiple free chips will be erased. For example, if a player redeems four free chips in a row without making a deposit or wager, the casino reserves the right to refuse any requested withdrawal and transfer the funds back.
  23. Players are not allowed to claim bonuses when a withdrawal is in progress. However, this regulation does not apply to players who make regular deposits.
  24. Bonuses that have been redeemed and activated will expire after 7 days.
  25. Any bonus funds in accounts that have not wagered them at least once will be removed after 30 days.
  26. Different games are weighted differently towards reaching the bonus terms unless otherwise stated:
    1. Slots, video slots, keno, scratch cards - 1.00
    2. Roulette - 0.00
    3. Poker Games - 0.20
    4. Video Poker - 0.50
    5. Blackjack and other 21 games - 0.20
    6. War, Baccarat, Craps, Sic Bo - 0.00
  27. Wagering on Prohibited Games does not contribute towards meeting the Bonus Terms. Please take a look at the checkout area.
  28. A coupon is considered completed once a withdrawal has been authorized and finalized.
  29. Only registered players/account holders of the promotions are allowed to redeem them.
  30. A confirmed "Manager Payout" represents a percentage of the funds removed that have not been approved for payout. This amount may be bonus money (which cannot be withdrawn) or it may be due to the maximum withdrawal amount being reached.
  31. The general terms and conditions and bonus-related regulations apply to all platforms offered.
  32. Punt Casino reserves the right to revoke, modify, or void any bonus balance at any time. It is the player's responsibility to check the website or customer service periodically for changes.
  33. Bonuses are valid from January 1st, 2015 00:00:01 AM ET.
  34. Punt Casino reserves the right to view transaction histories from time to time without cause. If it appears that players are pursuing strategies that are detrimental to the casino, we reserve the right to exclude them from promotions. If, after an investigation, it turns out that advertising measures have been specifically exploited, we reserve the right to take the following steps against the players:
    1. Players' accounts may be closed with immediate effect.
    2. Players can be excluded from further advertising.
    3. In the event of a dispute, all decisions made by the Casino are final.
  35. Only activity after redeeming a coupon contributes towards meeting the bonus terms.
  36. Birthday and anniversary bonuses are subject to management approval. Please contact customer service.
  37. Casino bonuses are granted by the casino management and can be revoked at any time.
  38. To see full terms and conditions for all bonuses please visit the cashier section or speak to customer service.
  39. All deposit bonuses are deducted from the player's balance after a withdrawal.
  40. All comp point wins are subject to a withdrawal limit of 10x the amount redeemed. If the redeemed amount equals €10, a maximum of €100 can be withdrawn.
  41. Players who have NEVER DEPOSITED are not allowed to withdraw a Network Progressive Jackpot.
  42. Players who have converted play money to real money and win a network progressive jackpot without making a deposit will have their winnings forfeited.
  43. All bonuses are subject to terms and conditions although this may not appear on the marketing material or our website.

35 Free No Deposit Bonus For New Players
Coupon: 35NDBGF

  1. This bonus offer is for new players only and can only be redeemed ONCE at a time.
  2. The bonus amount must be wagered 35x before it is released for withdrawal.
  3. Only wagering on Slots and Slatvariations contributes to the achievement of the bonus terms.
  4. The maximum withdrawal is €100.
  5. The free bonus can only be claimed by players who signed up after May 12th, 2015.

New player deposit bonus


  1. 250% BONUS UP TO €500 on the first deposit.
  2. Wager 35x the bonus amount + deposit amount.
  3. Maximum cashout: 20x the deposit up to a maximum of €4,000.
  4. Maximum bonus amount: €500.

New player deposit bonus 2


  1. 150% UP TO €300 PLUS 40 Free Spins on a second deposit
  2. Wager 30x the bonus amount + deposit
  3. Maximum cashout: 20x the deposit up to €4,000
  4. Maximum bonus amount: €300
  5. Allowed Games: Slots, Slot Variations, Blackjack, Video Poker. Please see the checkout area for full terms and conditions
  6. This coupon (150WMGF) can only be redeemed if the 250% deposit bonus (coupon 250WMGF) has already been redeemed and earned



  1. Weekly cashback bonuses must be wagered a minimum of 30x (60x on table games and video poker) and excludes Baccarat, Craps, Pontoo 21, Pai Gow Poker, Sic Bo, Slot Tournaments, Roulette and War.
  2. Weekly cashback is credited every Monday 00:01 EST to all players who have no ongoing withdrawals, have not withdrawn for 7 days and have a balance of less than €10.
  3. Weekly cashback is calculated based on all deposits (minimum €50 in the last 7 days.
  4. Unless otherwise stated, the weekly cashback bonus may be paid out a maximum of 10 times (minimum €100).
  5. Weekly cashback will be credited even if you have remaining balance. In this case, the cashback will be treated as a win and all other bonus rules of the account remain unaffected.
  6. Bonuses (including no deposit bonuses) may not be used to play live dealer games. These may only be played with funds from your Withdrawable Balance.

100% MATCH

  1. The deposit and bonus amount must be wagered 25x before a withdrawal is approved.
  2. Only wagers on slots, keno and scratch cards count.
  3. Redeem up to 3x on a Monday.
  4. Maximum cashout: 20x the deposit up to €5,000.



  1. The deposit and bonus amount must be wagered 25x before a withdrawal is approved.
  2. Only wagers on slots, keno and scratch cards will count.
  3. Each coupon can be redeemed 3x on Tuesdays.
  4. Maximum cashout: 20x the deposit up to €5,000.
  5. Please see coupon details in cashier for bonus terms and conditions.


  1. Each offer can be redeemed 3x.
  2. The deposit and bonus amount must be wagered 25x before a withdrawal is approved.
  3. Please see coupon details in cashier for bonus terms and conditions.
  4. Maximum cashout: 20x the deposit up to €5,000.


  1. 150% Bonus Offer: The deposit and bonus amount must be wagered 30x before a withdrawal is approved.
  2. 125% Bonus Offer: The deposit and bonus amount must be wagered 30x before a withdrawal is approved.
  3. 100% Bonus Offer: The deposit and bonus amount must be wagered 30 times before a withdrawal is approved.
  4. Please see coupon details in cashier for bonus terms and conditions.
  5. Maximum cashout: 20x the deposit up to €5,000.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday


  1. Each offer can be redeemed three times with the same coupon code.
  2. The deposit and bonus amount must be wagered 30x before a withdrawal is approved.
  3. Please see coupon details in cashier for bonus terms and conditions.
  4. Maximum cashout: 20x the deposit up to €5,000.

birthday bonus

  1. Only players with an active real money account who have made deposits and placed bets within the last 30 days qualify for a Birthday Bonus.
  2. This bonus is only randomly issued by the casino management on the player's birthday.
  3. It has to be wagered 25x and the maximum payout is €100.
  4. Players must ensure that their personal information is correct in order to claim a Birthday Bonus.
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