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Aviator crash game review at Punt Casino.

Aviator Crash Game Has Launched! How High Can YOU Fly?

October 6, 2022

Aviator Crash Game Has Launched! How High Can YOU Fly?

October 6, 2022

Blog » Casino guides » Game reviews » Aviator Crash Game Has Launched! How High Can YOU Fly?

Aviator Crash Game Review: Prepare for Liftoff in One of the Hottest Games at Punt!

You asked for it, and we’ve delivered – the new Aviator crash game from Spribe has officially landed at Punt! Got your Punt Casino pilot’s license yet? Then you better register with an account right now – you don’t want to miss the high-flying action in this exciting game that has all our players taking off with mega multiplier wins.

Want to know what Aviator is all about and how YOU can jump in the cockpit and fly away with the motherlode today? Then take your seat, buckle up, and let’s get this baby off the ground.


What is Aviator crash game and how does it work?

Those die-hard crypto gamers out there should have a good idea of how crash games work. They’ve become so popular in the crypto gambling scene of late, so we just had to get our players in on the action with Aviator – one of the best crash games you can find online.

In most cases, crash games are played by multiple players at once, all riding the money wave to see how long they can stay in the game, before the car, tank, boat, rocket ship, or in the case of Aviator crash game, the airplane, crashes.

Aviator crash game can be played on mobile and desktop devices at Punt Casino.

Players will place a bet before the round begins and whichever vehicle, ship, or aircraft the game uses, will then start moving across the screen – either flying, driving, sailing, or whatever, until players decide to cash out their winnings. 

At some point during the round, the vehicle will randomly crash (or fly away), seeing all players who have not cashed out their winnings before the crash, losing their bets. 

If your timing is right and you cash out before the vehicle crashes, you can expect to win some serious money – depending on how far the plane or vehicle flies, because the further it moves along the screen, the higher the payout multiplier will increase. That’s the basics, but let’s have a look at how Aviator crash game is played for a better understanding.


How to play Aviator crash game?

Okay, so are you ready to find out if you’ve got the skills to pilot your way to a fat payout? Good. And just so you know, Aviator is a provably fair game, which means the result of each round is not calculated on the provider’s servers, but by a decentralized system, and any player can ‘prove’ the game’s fairness. Plus, it also comes with a free-handed 97% Return to Player (RTP) – bonus!. Now let’s get to it.


Place your bets and prepare for liftoff

When entering the game, you‘ll have the option to place your bets for the next round before the plane takes off. Since this is a live game, there will be many others playing, as you can see on the left side of the image below.

Placing bets in Aviator crash game at Punt Casino.

Play Now

You can use the bet adjustment buttons to customize your bet between $1 and $10, and you also have the option to enable the auto-bet feature, which means you won’t miss out on any rounds. When the “waiting for next round” meter runs out, no more bets can be placed and the plane will lift off as the round begins.


Two bets, one plane, and enough fuel to fund the fun!

The aim of the game is to keep your bet active as long as you can as the payout multiplier on the screen increases the further the plane flies. When you feel the plane is about to crash and you’re ready to pull out, simply click on “Cash Out” and you will receive the payout according to the multiplier shown on the screen at the time of clicking the button.

Unlike many other crash games, Aviator allows you to place not 1 bet, but 2. Now here’s a little tip: you can use the first bet as an insurance bet by cashing it out when the multiplier reaches 2x – that means you get your total wager back. Then you can let the 2nd bet ride it out as long as you can for a pocketful of profit.

Aviator crash game at Punt Casino.

Play Now

This only works if both your bets are of equal value, by the way. But there are many different strategies you can apply in the Aviator crash game, and once you get the hang of it, your imagination can run wild – or fly wild, if you will.


Ride that sucker out as long as you can!

Now you need to start using that sixth sense of yours, because nobody knows when the plane will decide to up, up, and fly away – meaning you’ll lose your bets if you’ve not cashed out. But if you manage to stay in flight long enough, you could see some hefty multipliers coming your way.

Aviator crypto crash game played at Punt Casino.

Play Now

Eventually, you’ll start seeing other players cashing out their winnings when their usernames are highlighted in green on the left. Your winnings for each bet will be displayed under the Cash Out buttons, and when you’re ready, just click and your winnings will be banked.


Jet-setting in a new round of betting!

When the time is right (and again, nobody knows when) the plane will fly away, and hopefully, you’ve already cashed out your winnings. If not, that’s okay, because a new round of betting will begin in just a few seconds.

Play Aviator casino game using crypto at Punt Casino.

Play Now

Be quick to place your bets, or enable that auto-play feature if you like, it won’t let you down. The game also offers a few other player comfort features that are easily discovered, and you can also view the provable fairness in the game’s menu if you like. You’ll be a pro payout pilot in no time after a few rounds, so keep it up, up, and away!


Pilot your way to power-packed payouts at Punt today!

Aviator crash game is quickly becoming one of our hottest casino games at Punt, and if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary that offers big payouts, this is your game. And that’s how to play Aviator crash game – see you in the skies!

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