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Casino Trends 2023: What to Look Out For? Find out on the Punt Casino blog.

Casino Trends 2023: What to Look Out For

February 16, 2023

Casino Trends 2023: What to Look Out For

February 16, 2023

Blog » Casino guides » Casino Trends 2023: What to Look Out For

Top Online Casino Trends of 2023

Online gambling has experienced a big boost in the last few years, especially when considering the market was worth only a few billion a decade ago – now sitting at over $81 bn in 2023, and expected to reach $150 bn by 2028.

This rapid growth is due to the ever-evolving nature of online casinos, with massive breakthroughs in technology, casino games, innovation, and online casino trends taking the gambling world by storm. 

Of course, the decline in popularity of land-based casinos has also played a big part in the growth of online gambling – not to mention the pandemic which saw many land-based players joining online casinos to get back on the reels and tables.

So, what are the top casino trends 2023 has to offer, what should you look out for, and what can you expect from the online gambling industry in the coming years? Well, we’ve done some research, and let’s just say that 2023 and the years to come have some things planned for online gambling.


Up-and-coming casino trends in 2023

Many of the gambling trends in 2023 will see online casinos improve in many ways, from advancements in technology and user-friendliness to legalization and even new forms of online gambling breaking into the scene.

2020 and 2021 brought about some great advancements in iGaming technology with the influx of players reaching out to online casinos during the pandemic. New payment methods were introduced, some streamlining the deposit and withdrawal process in a way that made it almost seamless.

QR payments have revolutionized the online gambling industry with seamless payments and is one of the top casino trends in 2023.

This is especially true when it comes to the mass adoption of crypto payment methods in the online gambling industry of late (we’ll talk more about this soon). 

2022 saw even more new casino trends and advancements flourish, with many of these upgrades further improved and employed by more online casinos. It seems 2023 has even more in store, so let’s check out the top casino trends 2023 is bringing our way.


Mobile gambling becomes increasingly popular

Now, mobile gambling is nothing new, but more and more players are opting for a mobile gaming experience thanks to the many advancements in this field. Mobile casino games are one of the biggest gambling trends, and 2023 will see even more players punting on the go.

Punt Casino is one of the leading mobile casinos in 2023.

It’s not only the improvements that online casino game developers are making, but smartphones are becoming smarter and smarter by the day, and are now capable of delivering a captivating gaming experience with outstanding visuals and flawless gameplay.

But what about the mobile casino trends 2023 might bring about? Well, do you own a smartwatch? Because it looks like online gambling might be moving from the desktop or smartphone devices you’re used to, straight to the comfort of your very own wrist.

Smartwatch casino games.

This is not exactly one of the mobile new casino trends, as the concept was first revealed as far back as 2014 at the Mobile World Congress. But now, with how popular smartwatches have become, casino game developers are scurrying to get a grip on this growing idea with new smartwatch gambling apps and games hitting the market in 2023.


Gambling streamers and social influencers

Online casino trends in 2021 and 2022 saw online streamers and social media influencers gearing up to get a piece of the online gambling action, teaming up with major online casinos and promoting their products and offerings through streaming platforms such as Twitch.

Gambling streamer on Twitch.

Of course, Twitch had recently imposed a gambling ban on some streamers and various forms of online gambling, but those who remain are still going strong. 

One of the biggest and most-watched gambling streams on Twitch in 2022 came from a partnership between the hip-hop artist Drake and However, this also came to an abrupt end with the casino now banned from the platform.

We’re almost 100% sure that the streaming of online gambling will be one of the hottest casino trends in 2023, with more streamers pushing for deals with online casinos, and other streaming platforms stepping into the spotlight.


Crypto adoption among the biggest online casino trends in 2023

Whether you’re a believer in the power of crypto or not, online casinos are definitely making big moves toward the adoption of crypto payment methods and crypto-friendly casino games. 

Of course, Punt Casino is one of the original trendsetters in this field, but other, and dare we say, lesser casinos are now also experiencing the many benefits crypto can offer – not only for the casino but the players as well. It’s one of the most prominent gambling trends in the last few years.

The adoption of crypto is one of the biggest casino trends in 2023, and you can learn how to use crypto at Punt Casino.

Using cryptocurrencies for online gambling offers faster, safer, and cheaper deposits and withdrawals, as well as higher levels of anonymity. 

And even though the prices for major cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are not what they were a year or so ago (they’ll come back), many players are still opting for crypto because of these benefits.

You can find various articles on our blog about cryptocurrencies and how to take advantage of the benefits when gambling online. If you ask us, the adoption of crypto among online casinos will be one of the fastest-growing casino trends 2023 will continue to see.


Tournaments, bonuses, and big giveaways

Let’s face it, the online gambling industry is a competitive one. New online casinos are popping up almost every day, and attracting new players has become more and more difficult.

The result? Bigger bonuses and promotions, baby! Increasing the casino’s offerings will certainly be one of the popular gambling trends in 2023. You see, casinos need to stay ahead of the game by offering players something out of the ordinary – which is what Punt Casino is all about. 

In the last year, for example, we’ve upped our welcome package and promotional bonuses to include some of the hottest deals in the biz, securing our position as one of the top crypto casinos preferred by players.

The Punt Casino Welcome Package offers a 150% deposit bonus and 15 free spins on the hot slot Gods vs Titans.

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But not only that – casino tournaments and epic free giveaways keep players coming back for more with big money and exciting prizes on the line. Want to win a brand new Apple prize package? Punt is the place to do it, and giveaways such as this are quickly becoming online casino trends in 2023.


Improved casino games and in-game features

Just like casinos find themselves in a competitive environment, so do casino game providers. Did you think we create our own casino games? We’re not smart enough for that. But we are smart enough to identify a great game provider, which is why our casino game menu boasts so many of them.

Some of Punt Casino's game providers.

View All

For a casino game provider to get their games onto a premier gambling platform such as Punt, they need to be exceptional. Players are getting tired of the same-old gambling games, and are looking for something new.

2023 will see more Gen Z and Millennial players making their online gambling debut. These are potential players who grew up on computer games and gaming consoles, which means they have higher expectations from casino games, and game providers are getting the picture.

It seems players are looking for more skill-based games and not the regular push-a-button-and-hope-for-the-best casino games. This means that in-game features, enhanced 3D visuals, and skill-based feature games are becoming popular gambling trends.

Providers such as Betsoft that specialize in 3D slot games with added bonus features are seeing much success, with titles such as At the Copa and Mr. Vegas delivering an immersive 3D gambling experience with interactive gameplay for quite some time now.

Play Now

But it doesn’t end there, that’s for sure. New forms of gambling are coming about and even the types of casino games are changing. Even crash games such as Aviator from Spribe or Magnify Man from Fugaso were some of the biggest online casino trends in 2022, and will certainly continue throughout 2023.

But wait till you see what comes next…


Will Metaverse and VR casino gaming rise above?

Now, this is some futuristic stuff, peeps. Let’s start with virtual reality casino gaming. Remember a few years ago when VR goggles came out and became the saving grace for kid-related Xmas gifts during the festive season? Well, one of these days, that kid pleading for a VR headset might be YOU – if you’re a gambler, that is.

VR creates an immersive virtual environment where the user can view or interact with virtual elements and experience a specific place or take part in an activity wearing a set of VR goggles. As you can imagine, this would definitely be one of the biggest online casino trends EVER!

How cool would it be to pop on a set of VR goggles and instantly take a seat at a live blackjack table to experience the thrill up-close and personal, as if you were sitting in the Bellagio with a martini in hand (shaken, not stirred) and living it up?

Virtual reality casino gaming is said to be one of the biggest casino trends in 2023 and beyond.

Well, this is about to become one of the most influential casino trends 2023 will see, with many providers and platforms looking into it. And yes, it already exists, but VR gambling is still in its infancy and it will take some time to catch on. 

Another one of the top online casino trends is Metaverse gambling. We know, this sounds far out, and it is. There are already a number of online casinos in the Metaverse, with popular gambling destinations in Decentraland sprouting up almost as soon as this Metaverse was launched.

Metaverse gambling is a big casino trend in 2023.

These are just a few examples of what already exists, and 2023 will most probably see a whole bunch of fresh Metaverse casinos popping up as these new gambling trends continue to flourish.


Legalization of the gambling industry

The legalization of online gambling in the US started happening as late as 2013 when the state of Nevada launched online poker and New Jersey and Delaware started issuing gambling licenses to online casinos. 

Over the years, many other states have followed suit, but online gambling still remains illegal in some parts of the US. 2023 should see more states in the US, as well as countries across the world, legalize online gambling – which will be one of the most prominent casino trends 2023 and beyond will experience.

Find out if Bitcoin gambling is legal on the Punt Casino blog.

Of course, if more and more countries legalize online gambling, the scope for new innovations resulting in more online casino trends will grow astronomically. 


Punt Casino is trending – try it for yourself!

Now that you’ve had a look at the top casino trends 2023 has to offer, you might want to start setting a few trends yourself – like winning big every day of the week! Well, we can help with that. 

With over 1,000 top-tier casino games, daily deposit-boosting bonuses and promotions, and one of the most innovative casino platforms you’ve ever seen, Punt is the place to do it. We’re trending, so hit us up today.

Casino games catalog at Punt Casino.

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With over a decade in the online gambling industry and a passion for all things crypto, Ethan offers valuable insight into playing at Punt with in-depth reviews, gambling guides, and informative content to help our readers make the best of their Punt Casino experience. Get all the ins and outs of crypto gambling with Ethan and our team of gambling experts right here, on the Punt Casino blog.

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