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Ripple XRP coins

Ripple Gambling: All You Need to Know About XRP Casino Gaming

September 26, 2022

Ripple Gambling: All You Need to Know About XRP Casino Gaming

September 26, 2022

Blog » Crypto guides » Ripple Gambling: All You Need to Know About XRP Casino Gaming

XRP Casino Guide – How to Get Started With Ripple Gambling at Punt

So you want to get in on the Ripple gambling game? We don’t blame you – with all the advantages of crypto intact and more, who doesn’t want to send a few whopping wins rippling down the reels with this groundbreaking crypto? 

The good news is that Punt Casino now accepts XRP as a payment method. The even better news is that you can take advantage of all the exciting benefits that XRP gambling offers, including huge casino bonuses, blockbuster casino games, and speedier transactions with lower fees. Sound good? Let’s see how good it really is.


What is Ripple XRP?

Before you kick off the Ripple betting action at Punt, it’s important to know that Ripple and XRP are actually 2 different things. Ripple is a real-time gross settlement (RTGS) system and payment processing service, whereas XRP is the native crypto token used to settle transactions on the XRP Ledger network. So XRP is to Ripple almost like Ether is to Ethereum – almost.


Difference between Ripple and XRP.


Ripple was initially designed as a replacement for SWIFT, one of the top payment processing services in the world, and to remove the settlement layer between major financial institutions. Ripple’s XRP token works differently from most others, as it doesn’t run on a traditional blockchain where validators need computing power to solve mathematical equations to verify a new block.

However, it does work similarly to a blockchain, as transactions are still processed by multiple nodes. This does not really make a big difference when it comes to Ripple gambling, but it’s good to know if you’re looking to do more with XRP than just gamble.

Also, XRP cannot be “mined” like other cryptos, as there is a set limit of 100 billion coins that will ever exist, which have already been “minted” and are released systematically. There are around 45 billion coins in circulation right now. 

Ripple’s blockchain, the XRP Ledger (XRPL), uses the Ripple Protocol Consensus Algorithm to verify transactions on the network, instead of the traditional Proof of Work (PoW) or Proof of Stake (PoS) protocols – this DOES affect XRP gambling, as we’ll soon explain.



How are transactions verified on the Ripple network?

For a transaction to be verified on the XRPL network, all nodes (validators) must agree on the details and parameters of the transaction – almost like a vote. Once a consensus is reached by the nodes, the transaction is verified and settled. 

This is why the Ripple network can process around 1,500 transactions per second, compared to Bitcoin’s 5-7 transactions per second and Ethereum’s 15 – that means instant deposits at Ripple casinos!

But is XRP still a real crypto? Well, it isn’t exactly seen as a “decentralized” currency – not in the same way as Bitcoin is, for example. The Ripple organization is able to decide which servers can access the network (to prevent fraud and malicious attacks), making it a sort of central authority in turn. But XRP still offers all the benefits of crypto, and with its lower transaction fees and almost instant verification time (3-4 seconds), Ripple gambling is definitely a way to go.


The history of Ripple XRP

Ripple was initially named Rippleplay and was founded by a Canadian software engineer, Ryan Fugger in 2004. That means Ripple is even older than the Bitcoin blockchain. But as we mentioned, Ripple is the company, and XRP is the crypto, so it doesn’t get the “genesis block” credit.

The original Rippleplay had nothing to do with crypto or blockchain technology at all. However, it did start with a similar vision – to create a secure and efficient way of sending funds between users around the world. Little did they know that XRP casino gaming would one day dominate the online gambling scene.


Ripple XRP transactions across the globe.


Eventually, Fugger wanted out and sold Rippleplay to 3 visionaries who planned to use it to create a digital currency network. Jed McCaleb, Arthur Britto, and David Schwartz purchased Rippleplay in 2012 and later named it OpenCoin.

The re-branding frenzy continues as OpenCoin was renamed to Ripple Labs in 2013 – a name still heard today, and changed again in 2015 to what we all now know as Ripple. The company received its BitLicense from the New York State Department of Financial Services in 2016, allowing it to operate with cryptocurrencies and create crypto projects legally in the United States.

Ripple is now one of the most popular cryptos among users around the world and offers some excellent perks when it comes to Ripple gambling. Want to know what they are? Then let’s finally move on to the good stuff.


Benefits of XRP gambling

Playing at Ripple casinos instead of traditional fiat currency casinos offers a few perks, most of which apply to cryptos in general. However, many of these benefits are slightly enhanced with Ripple, such as the transaction speed, for example. XRP casino deposits are virtually instant thanks to the network’s ability to process around 1,500 transactions per second. 


Scalability of the top cryptocurrencies showing the amount of transactions for each crypto.


And let’s not forget that XRP deposits at a Ripple casino come at a fraction of the cost that fiat currencies and even most other cryptos can offer, with a current fee of around $0.0002 per transaction on average – does that minuscule amount even exist?

One also cannot dispute the fact that XRP is a very stable and prominent crypto in the digital currency market, producing very high daily transaction rates. This shows that XRP is one of the favorites among crypto users, and you can’t argue with the masses. 


 XRP daily transaction rates compared to BTC and ETH from April 2021 to July 2021.

XRP daily transactions 2021 | Source: CryptoCompare

The Ripple network is also very versatile. Not only can it process XRP transactions, but it can also be used for other fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. And to top it all off, Ripple gambling generally offers bigger casino bonuses than traditional fiat casinos, which in our opinion, is one of the best perks of crypto gambling.


Ripple casino bonuses at Punt

If you’re wondering if you can claim all our casino bonuses at Punt by depositing XRP, the answer is yes – you can have them all! To start off, our Welcome Package offers bonuses up to the value of 6 BTC or the XRP equivalent over your first 3 deposits, and it goes like this:

  • 1st Deposit – 125% Bonus up to 3 BTC or XRP equivalent and a $25 Free Chip ($10 minimum deposit in XRP to claim)
  • 2nd Deposit – 75% bonus up to 1 BTC or XRP equivalent ($20 minimum deposit in XRP to claim)
  • 3rd Deposit – 75% bonus up to 2 BTC or XRP equivalent ($20 minimum deposit in XRP to claim)

The Punt Casino Welcome Package offers up to 6 BTC in bonus funds and 100 free spins across the first 3 deposits.

All these bonuses come with a 40x playthrough requirement and there’s no max cashout amount. That means you can take your XRP betting to the next level with more bonus funds popped into your bankroll than anywhere else. 

But this is Punt, and we don’t stop you at the front door – we let you all the way in! This is why we also provide unbeatable Ripple gambling bonus offers and free spins top-ups on the regular. Our Promotions menu is crammed with value, and if you’ve signed up at Punt, it’s all yours for the taking.

You’ll find many online Ripple casinos out there, but the truth is, they’ve got nothing on us. Our bonuses and promotions offer some of the most attainable wagering requirements you’ll find, and we’ve maxed out the rewards so you can get the best value for money when spinning the reels and topping the tables at Punt.


What are the Best Ripple Casino Games?

Best XRP casino games? We’ve got plenty because, at Punt Casino, you can take your pick. All our casino games can be played after making an XRP deposit. Our games are supplied by some of the best creators in the world, with the likes of Fugaso, KA Gaming, Dragon Gaming, and many more top providers present on the menu.

Crypto games at Punt Casino.

With slots, table games, jackpot games, specialty games, crash games, and much, much more, our game menu brings shame to all other Ripple casinos on the web. You can also play them all using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets – gambling on the go has never been this easy!


How and where can I get Ripple XRP?

Like any other major crypto, XRP can be purchased at many prominent crypto exchanges, which means you can start playing Ripple casino games with ease. Doing a little research to find a trusted crypto exchange is important, as you want to make sure that your information is safe and secure, and that your funds are protected at all times. 

The easiest and most trusted way of purchasing XRP is at a major exchange such as Coinbase, Binance, or eToro, but there are many more such as Uphold, BitStamp, KuCoin, Kraken, and Huobi.


Some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges.


The next thing to consider before you start XRP gambling is how to store your crypto funds. You will need to create a new crypto wallet to manage and store your XRP tokens and make your crypto deposit to start playing our top XRP-friendly casino games at Punt.


How to deposit Ripple XRP and start playing

Deposit bitcoin and other cryptos at Punt is simple. But before you do, you’ll need to sign up with a Punt Casino account. All you need is a password and email address, and you’ll be ready to start Ripple betting on our reels and tables with the best games backing the fun. 

You can use the deposit window in the Punt lobby to register and make your first deposit at the same time, and we’ve even thrown in the option to claim your welcome bonus, so this method of depositing XRP is highly recommended. 

Punt Casino lobby page

Alternatively, you can make an XRP deposit after registering by clicking on the “Deposit Now” button in the top-right corner of the screen after logging in to your account. If you want to deposit crypto for XRP gambling, remember to select the “Ripple” payment method when making your deposit.


Ripple gambling: key takeaways

  • Ripple is the company, XRP is the digital currency, and the XRP Ledger (XRPL) is the network.
  • Ripple’s XRP doesn’t run on a traditional blockchain that requires computing power to solve mathematical equations and verify transactions. Instead, validators must reach a consensus on the Ripple network for the transaction to be verified.
  • It can be purchased, sold, and traded on exchanges just like other cryptocurrencies can.
  • XRP cannot be “mined” like other cryptos. There is a maximum limit of 100 billion XRP tokens which have been pre-mined and are released systematically, with around 45 billion coins in circulation at the moment.
  • XRP offers one of the fastest transaction speeds out of all the cryptos at around 3 to 4 seconds (perfect for depositing at Ripple casinos), with the network processing around 1,500 transactions per second.
  • Deposits at an XRP casino are extremely cheap, currently sitting at around $0.0002 per transaction on average.
  • Ripple betting offers all the benefits of crypto gambling, such as faster, safer, cheaper, and anonymous transactions.


Get started with Ripple gambling at Punt Casino

If you’re looking for the best Ripple casino games, bonuses and promotions, and overall gaming experience, look no further than Punt Casino. All our games can be played to win real money by simply depositing XRP using our quick and easy deposit method. Time to take advantage of XRP gambling at Punt, so reload that account, snatch your Welcome Package, and get ready to Ripple!

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With over a decade in the online gambling industry and a passion for all things crypto, Ethan offers valuable insight into playing at Punt with in-depth reviews, gambling guides, and informative content to help our readers make the best of their Punt Casino experience. Get all the ins and outs of crypto gambling with Ethan and our team of gambling experts right here, on the Punt Casino blog.

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