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Staying Safe Online: What SSL Means and Why It Matters

October 21, 2022

Staying Safe Online: What SSL Means and Why It Matters

October 21, 2022

Blog » Casino guides » Staying Safe Online: What SSL Means and Why It Matters

Learn About SSL, Why It’s Important, and How You Can Stay Safe

In today’s digital world, online safety and security are an absolute MUST. Knowing which sites are protected by SSL security software and how this impacts you as a user is of utmost importance if you want to stay protected while browsing or playing casino games online. But not all of us are IT specialists, so how do you know if a website is secure?

We at Punt Casino believe that online safety and security are of great importance and that everyone should know how to stay safe and keep their personal information secure. That’s where SSL security software comes in – the global standard of online safety and the protective layer between your online activity and the prying eyes of the internet.

So, what is SSL and why is it important? Let’s find out.


What does SSL mean?

Ever wondered why some website URLs begin with “http://” while some others begin with “https://”, and what that extra “s” at the end actually means? How about the lock symbol in front of the URL, ever noticed that?

Identifying a secure website with SSL security encryption.

Well, these are both indicators of a secure website – a site that is encrypted with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate. In short, this means that the website you are connected to safely encrypts all the information that is exchanged between you and the site to prevent those pesky online perps from intercepting or accessing your valuable information.

SSL technology creates an encrypted link between the web server and the web browser, allowing sites where users input their personal, financial, or any other sensitive information to create a safe space for said users to do so.


SSL technology is very important when it comes to online casinos due to the financial nature of the industry, and it protects both players and the casino from malicious attacks. Punt Casino takes great pride in offering a secure site for players to enjoy top-tier casino gaming with our incredible selection of casino games without having to concern themselves with online safety.

New casino games to play using cryptocurrency at Punt Casino.

All player activity and transactions within the member’s area are fully encrypted with cutting-edge 256-bit SSL Security, giving that extra layer of protection to keep our players, their funds, and their personal information safe and secure.


How does SSL work?

SSL ensures that any information and data moving between the user and the site is distorted and impossible to read by those trying to intercept the data. 

Using encryption algorithms to scramble the information, hackers are prevented from gaining access to the data or altering it in any way while the user is connected to the site.

What SSL means and how it works.

Here is a breakdown of how the SSL process works:

  1. A browser/client connects to a website or server that is encrypted with SSL and sends an identification request for the server to identify itself.
  2. The web server sends the browser/client a copy of its SSL certificate.
  3. The browser/client then verifies the SSL certificate.
  4. If the SSL Certificate checks out, the browser/client then acknowledges by sending through a digitally signed session key.
  5. A secure connection is then established and all data shared is then encrypted with SSL.


Why is SSL important?

As the world progresses into digital space with many of our daily activities, personal admin, entertainment, finance, and lifestyle choices lying on the web, protecting yourself online is becoming more and more important each day.

Let’s take online casino gaming as an example – we are Punt “Casino”, after all. If you’re looking to play at casino sites, you will need to provide some of your information to set up an account, make your deposits, and start playing. 

Yes, it is true that some casinos such as Punt require very little information when signing up, as all you’ll need to register with a Punt Casino account is an email address.

Punt Casino only requires an email address and a new password when signing up with a casino to play casino games online.

But even so, with such little information required, you still don’t want hackers to get hold of your email address – how many other accounts have you used that email for, and are they as secure as Punt Casino?

What about your transactions and activity on these sites? You don’t want others with malicious intent and ulterior motives to gain access to this personal information or intercept your online transactions, do you? Of course not, which is why SSL encryption is so important.


How to know which websites are SSL-certified?

If you’re not very familiar with online security and you want to find out how to know if a website is secure or not, there are two very simple steps you can take:

  1. Check if the URL of the website in the address bar begins with “https” as mentioned at the beginning of this article. Remember, the “s” stands for secure, and URLs without the “s” (http only) are not secured with SSL. 
  2. Then there is the padlock icon displayed before the site’s URL in the address bar, which also indicates that the site is secure. You can also check the SSL Certificate information in detail when clicking on the padlock icon, as seen with Punt Casino’s URL in the image below.

Punt Casino is fully encrypted with a 256-bit SSL Security Certificate.This example is viewed on the Google Chrome browser, and the information displayed here and how to access it will depend on the browser you use. Clicking “Learn more” will allow you to preview the site’s SSL Certificate if you’d like more information, such as the validity period, the organization that issued the certificate, as well as the digital fingerprints of the certification.

And that’s about it. So the next time you’re browsing sites and you’re worried about your online safety, you know exactly what to do to ensure that your online activity is safe and secure.


Take advantage of safe and trustworthy online casino gaming at Punt!

Looking for a safe and trustworthy online casino that is encrypted with SSL to protect you while playing? Look no further than yours truly – Punt Casino takes online safety to the next level with secure crypto transactions in the world’s favorite coins, a trusted 256-bit SSL Security Certificate, and transparent Terms and Conditions backed by an extensive Privacy Policy.

Take charge of your online security today by playing safely with over 1,000 top-quality casino games and a 6 BTC + $25 Free Chip Welcome Package that puts the power of crypto securely in the palm of your hand.

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