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Get the top crypto news weekly at Punt Casino with the Crypto Espresso.

Crypto Espresso – The Top Crypto News Every Week

June 5, 2023

Crypto Espresso – The Top Crypto News Every Week

June 5, 2023

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Biggest Crypto News Last Week

Last week in the crypto world we saw the launch of the biggest stablecoin on the Bitcoin blockchain (but not the first), EA and Nike signed a groundbreaking NFT agreement, and concerns over the impact of a Grayscale victory over the SEC.

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US Stablecoin Launched on Bitcoin

The first stablecoin has been launched on the Bitcoin network.


The Bitcoin world celebrated the launch of the network’s first stablecoin last week thanks to crypto platform Stably, which has utilized the new BRC-20 format to bring a dollar-backed cryptocurrency to the network.

According to Stably, the USD token will be backed 1-to-1 with actual US dollars held by a US-regulated custodian and will require full KYC/AML verification. However, while Stably is certainly the only stablecoin on Bitcoin right now, its claim to have been the first is disputed.

Stably has been able to launch USD on Bitcoin thanks to an upgrade that took place on the Bitcoin network in 2021 called Taproot. Taproot allowed smart contracts to be deployed on Bitcoin, allowing Bitcoin to be used in the same way as Ethereum, which is used for everything from NFTs to DeFi lending platforms.

It has taken a while for developers to make use of Taproot but this year they have with ‘ordinal inscriptions’, a system which has opened the door for Ethereum-like projects on the ultra-secure Bitcoin blockchain.

The introduction of ordinal subscriptions means that we can expect a development boom on Bitcoin much as we have seen with Ethereum over the years, and stablecoins are a natural part of this.

However, Stably’s claims that its USD coin is the first stablecoin on the Bitcoin blockchain aren’t entirely true; when Tether first launched back in 2014 as Realcoin, it did so on Omni Layer protocol, a platform for creating and trading custom digital assets and currencies on the Bitcoin blockchain. Stably can claim, therefore, to be the first stablecoin to run on the ‘pure’ Bitcoin blockchain, which is an impressive enough accolade in itself.


EA and Nike Sign Groundbreaking Partnership

Nike and EA Sports have signed an NFT agreement.

Sportswear giant Nike and videogame maker Electronic Arts last week announced a groundbreaking deal that will see NFTs from Nike’s .Swoosh collection make their way into future EA Sports releases.

EA said that the partnership will “look to build new immersive experiences and unlock brand new levels of customization” within its ecosystem, with exclusive .Swoosh “virtual creations” made available to players to allow “unique new opportunities for self-expression and creativity through sport and style.” While this deal isn’t the first between videogame makers and NFT creators it is by far the biggest yet and could mark a turning point in the relationship between gamers and NFT fans.

Nike’s exposure to the crypto/blockchain world dates back to April 2019 when it filed a trademark for Cryptokicks, which it turned into a popular NFT collection three years later. This launch presaged a deep dive into the NFT world, with the launch of Nike Virtual Studios coming in 2022 following its acquisition of NFT studio RTFKT in late 2021.

Nike Virtual Studios developed its in-house platform, .Swoosh, throughout 2022 and launched it in November, with its first collection earning the company $1 million in sales last month.

While Nike, EA and NFT fans might be looking forward to the prospect of in-game NFTs, one group that isn’t is gamers themselves. Gamers have threatened boycotts of gaming studios that add NFTs to games ever since the idea was first mooted in 2021, and last week’s announcement was a continuation of the theme, with many criticizing EA for prioritizing profits over customers. However, if the collaboration can prove a success it could end up being the moment when the tensions finally ease.


Grayscale Victory Would Not Guarantee Bitcoin ETF

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) could still reject Grayscale's Bitcoin ETF proposal even if it loses its legal battle with the fund operator.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) could still reject Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF proposal even if it loses its legal battle with the fund operator, according to Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart.

Seyffart expressed his concerns during an interview last week where he emphasized that the SEC would search for other grounds on which to deny the conversion from the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust to a fully operational Bitcoin spot ETF were it to lose, thereby nullifying any potential victory on Grayscale’s part.

Grayscale initiated legal proceedings against the SEC in June of last year after the agency rejected its application to convert the Grayscale Bitcoin Fund into a Bitcoin ETF. This conversion is crucial for Grayscale’s customers to access their investments, which currently total some $17 billion worth of bitcoin, although GBTC shares are trading at a 43% discount to this value.

Bloomberg analysts were initially skeptical of Grayscale’s chances of success, but the situation changed in March of this year when oral arguments were presented. Following the hearing, Bloomberg changed its stance and now predicts a 70% probability of a favorable outcome for Grayscale.

Despite the optimistic outlook, Bloomberg analyst Elliott Stein cautioned that the court’s decision might not be conclusive and binding. Stein suggested that the judge could potentially allow room for the SEC to continue opposing a Bitcoin ETF rather than making a definitive ruling, a view Seyffart reiterated, emphasizing that a victory in the legal battle would not guarantee the establishment of a Bitcoin ETF because the SEC could still deny the conversion for other reasons.

Such an outcome would be the worst possible outcome for the struggling GBTC shareholders, as it would eliminate their best opportunity in years to liquidate their investments.

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Trending stories:

  • Hong Kong opened its doors to regulated crypto trading with more than a dozen platforms registered.
  • Crypto exchange Bybit has followed Binance out of Canada after new regulations on crypto platforms.
  • Stablecoin Tether has announced that it will fund a Bitcoin mining operation in Uruguay, the first in the country.


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Hot to deposit ethereum to play ETH casino games at Punt.

ETH Casino US: How to Deposit Ethereum at Punt Casino

November 11, 2022

ETH Casino US: How to Deposit Ethereum at Punt Casino

November 11, 2022

Blog » Posts tagged "ETH"

How to Deposit Ethereum at Punt to Play ETH Casino Games Online

On the hunt for the best Ethereum casino in the US? You’ve just found it! Depositing with an ETH casino such as Punt holds many benefits over using outdated fiat currencies, and you’ve just taken the first step in using these benefits to your advantage to play Ethereum slots and table games at Punt. 

ETH deposit casino sites have revolutionized online gambling with faster, safer, easier, and cheaper transactions, and if you’re looking to max out these powerful perks, there’s no better place than right here at Punt – especially with a Welcome Package such as this.

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Why gamble with Ethereum?

  • Decentralization – Unlike fiat currencies, cryptos are decentralized and are not regulated by central authorities, meaning you have complete control over your funds and nobody can access them without your private keys.


  • Enhanced Security – Wondering what makes online casino deposits and withdrawals safe? Well, cryptos such as Ethereum are known for higher levels of security, as your personal information is not connected to decentralized casino Ethereum deposits. Your transactions cannot be intercepted and your funds are kept safe from online theft.


  • Privacy – Even though crypto transactions are visible to all users on the blockchain, there is no information tied to them that can expose your identity. Only numeric crypto addresses are used, which means your privacy is protected at all times when depositing at an ETH casino.


  • Speed and Efficiency – Crypto transactions are much faster than traditional online fiat transactions thanks to the efficiency and decentralized nature of blockchain technologies. Crypto transactions are also borderless, which means you can deposit at the best Ethereum casino US players enjoy from anywhere in the world.


  • Ease of Use – Blockchain tech has made transacting online easier, and in most cases, you won’t even have to provide much identification when playing at an ETH deposit casino. Punt has made the Ethereum deposit process even easier with seamless transactions on our platform, as you’ll soon find out.


  • Boosted Casino Bonuses – And finally, decentralized casino Ethereum deposits will allow you to claim much larger casino bonuses than most fiat casinos can offer, with thousands of dollars in crypto up for grabs – check out our casino bonuses now to see why.

Some of the bonus offers available to claim at Punt Casino.


How do I gamble online with Ethereum?

It’s simple, and once you get started, you’ll be wondering why you never went this route before. But before you can make an ETH casino deposit, you’ll need to find a safe crypto exchange to purchase your crypto and create a crypto wallet to store, send, and receive your funds.

This is easily done and will not only give you access to the best Ethereum casinos US players can enjoy but will unlock a whole new way of banking online across many major industries. The 2 links provided above should have you sorted in no time. 

Now it’s time to make your first ETH deposit to play Ethereum slots and table games, so let’s show you how to power up at Punt.


How to deposit Ethereum at Punt Casino

Make sure you have created your crypto wallet and topped it up with ETH before you decide to deposit. Once that’s done, it’s time for the easy part – making your first decentralized casino Ethereum deposit, so here are the quick and easy steps to follow.


Step 1: Create Your Punt Casino Account

Easier done than said, creating a Punt Casino account is your first step to gambling with Ethereum. All you need to do is proceed to the lobby and click on the blue “Sign Up” button to get started.

Sign up at Punt Casino.

A signup window will then appear where you’ll need to insert your information. You’ll be happy to know that all Punt Casino requires from you to sign up for an ETH casino account is an email address. 

Simply insert your email, create your password, choose your preferred fiat currency (account balances are shown in your native currency to make it easier for you to know exactly how much you have in your account), and click ‘Sign up”.

Registration form at Punt Casino.

A message will then appear on the screen prompting you to verify your email address via a link or a verification code sent to your mail. Open your inbox and find an email from Inclave. 

You can either click on the link to verify your account, or copy the code and paste it into the “Confirmation code” field provided in the window before clicking “Confirm my email” to proceed. All ETH deposit casino sites will require information such as this, but lucky for you, at Punt, we keep it to a minimum.

Confirm email at Punt Casino.

Congrats! Once your email is verified you’re a full-blown member of Punt Casino – welcome to where all the cool kids hang out. See how easy it is? Now for the next part, making your ETH casino deposit – just as easy.


Step 2: Depositing ETH to gamble online at Punt

Before you can start playing Ethereum slots and table games at Punt, you’ll need to top up your player account in order to fund your fun. Making your first Ethereum deposit to play online casino games is simple and all your deposits thereafter, as well as withdrawals, will be even easier.

First, log in to your newly-created Punt Casino account using the email address provided and your password. You will then be taken to the Punt Instant Play lobby where we keep all our chart-topping crypto games. To deposit, click on the green “Cashier” icon in the top right corner.

Punt Casino games lobby.

You will now find yourself in the Punt Casino Cashier. Here, you can view your recent transactions, check out your available bonus coupons, claim your coupon codes, request your withdrawals, and of course, make your decentralized casino Ethereum deposits.

Simply select your deposit amount from the options provided or insert your customized ETH deposit amount in fiat currency value. If you’re an Ethereum casino US player, for example, you’ll insert the amount of ETH you’d like to deposit in US dollar value.

Next, choose your payment method – in this case, Ethereum. If it doesn’t appear in the list provided, click on the “Other Methods” drop-down menu and select Ethereum before clicking “Deposit”.

Making an ETH casino deposit at Punt Casino.

You’re almost ready to start playing Ethereum slots and other exciting crypto casino games at Punt. The final step is very important, and you’ll need to pay attention for a few seconds while completing your ETH casino deposit.

An Ethereum deposit address will then appear on the screen, along with a downloadable QR code. You can use either method to perform your transaction.

Making an ETH casino deposit at Punt Casino using a crypto deposit address or a QR code.

To use the deposit address, which is the most common method, simply click the green “copy” icon to copy the address code. You can then paste the address in your crypto wallet to send your funds.

Using the QR code is just as simple, as you can scan the code directly from your mobile device wallet, or download it for later use when making your ETH deposit casino transaction. 

Once the funds have been sent from your crypto wallet, they should appear in your Punt Casino account within minutes, if not seconds.

And that’s it, folks. You’ve just learned how to make your first ETH casino deposit, and from here on out it’s smooth sailing all the way. Now you can play Ethereum slots and table games to win real money online. Oh – wait! There’s 1 more important thing to cover – YOUR WELCOME PACKAGE!


Claiming Ethereum Bonuses and Welcome Package at Punt

The first thing you should know is that even though our bonuses and promotional offers are displayed in BTC, you can still claim the equivalent amount in ETH – this happens automatically depending on the cryptocurrency you have deposited.

All Punt Casino bonuses and promotional coupons can be claimed in the Cashier menu under “Coupons” when making your deposit, and you’ll need to insert the coupon code in the field provided to claim your ETH deposit casino bonus.

How to claim casino bonus coupons at Punt Casino.

You will also find a list of recommended promotions to claim, all offering information on wagering requirements (which are outstanding at Punt, by the way), minimum and maximum deposits, coupon codes, and cashout limits. 

To claim your 125% bonus up to 3 BTC and a $25 Free Chip with your first ETH casino deposit, insert the bonus code POWERUPNEW and make sure to deposit the minimum amount ($9) to qualify for the deal. You’ll also have access to loads of other exciting bonuses and promotions at Punt, so don’t miss out.


Play the best Ethereum slots and table games at Punt today

You’ve officially unlocked the power of crypto at Punt, the top Ethereum casino in the US. Now it’s time to hit the reels and tables for seismic payouts in our crypto-friendly games. With the best Ethereum slots, table games, jackpot games, specialty games, and much more on the menu, you’ll have access to only the finest ETH casino entertainment on the web. Good luck!

Punt Casino games catalog

The best casino tips for playing online revealed at Punt Casino.

Casino Tips That Will Make You a Pro in No Time

November 8, 2022
Crypto news at Punt Casino.

Crypto News: Top Stories Last Week Revealed

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