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Cold wallet storage is more important than ever in the cryptocurrency space.

Protect Your Crypto Like the Pros – The Complete Cold Wallet Storage Guide

August 23, 2022

Protect Your Crypto Like the Pros – The Complete Cold Wallet Storage Guide

August 23, 2022

Blog » Crypto guides » Protect Your Crypto Like the Pros – The Complete Cold Wallet Storage Guide

Is Cold Wallet Storage the Ultimate Crypto Storage Option?

When it comes to storing your crypto, there are a few ways you can do with it, each of which strikes a balance between security and convenience. 

On the one hand, there is holding your crypto on exchanges, which offers you instant access to your funds for trading but carries the biggest security risk. 

On the other hand, there are ultra-secure air gapped hardware wallets that the army would use if it held crypto. Somewhere on this scale is a happy medium, and it is this happy medium, known as a cold wallet, that we will explore today through our guide to cold wallet storage.


Why Are Cold Wallets Better?

Regarding crypto storage, there are two types available – ‘hot’ wallet storage and ‘cold’ wallet storage.

Hot wallets are those that are almost always connected to the internet. These include mobile wallets, computer desktop wallets, and exchanges. These wallets are very convenient and are more secure than they used to be, but they still present several security risks.

On the flip side, we have cold wallets. A cold wallet is a wallet that is not connected to the internet, except when used to manage the wallet in question. These sit at the other end of the security/practicality spectrum due to the fact that there are more steps involved in using them, but they are much safer. 

Cold wallets often come in the form of hardware wallets such as Ledger or Trezor – USB devices that act as the gateway to your crypto holdings – and paper wallets, the kind that Bitcoiners have been using since 2011 to store assets offline. Especially during times of crypto market turbulence.

Wise heads in the crypto space will tell you that cold wallet storage is the way to go, so what exactly are the benefits of a cold storage crypto wallet over a hot wallet? Let’s find out.


Many consider Ledger to be the leading name when it comes to cold wallet storage.


How Are Coins Held on a Blockchain?

Before we learn about hot and cold wallets, we need to know how crypto is actually stored on a blockchain.

The key thing to remember about crypto wallets is that, unlike with a regular wallet, your crypto is not actually sent to the wallet. This is because of how the blockchain works. In many ways a crypto wallet, be it hot or cold, is like a banking app – the money is not actually in the app, it is in a bank account that you are accessing through the app. 

This is the same with a crypto wallet – your crypto is sitting on an address on the blockchain, and the only way to access it is through an app of some sort. So think of your cold wallet as a key to your safe, rather than the safe itself.

With that understood, let’s learn about cold wallet storage.


What is a Cold Wallet?

Cold wallets are simply crypto wallets that are not connected to the internet, apart from when coins are being sent or received. This is in contrast to hot wallets, such as a mobile wallets, which are connected to the internet whenever the device is – which is almost all the time. 

The window of opportunity for a hacker to do nefarious things is vastly reduced with a cold storage wallet option, although the risk is not mitigated entirely.

Another reason a crypto cold wallet is more secure than a hot wallet is that it is entirely in your possession, as are the coins within it. This means that the only way someone can gain access to the coins associated with the wallet is through physically accessing the device itself. 

Even if someone were to somehow get their hands on your cold wallet they would need a password or some other kind of login in order to do anything with the funds, representing another layer of security. This is different from a hot wallet, where access to your funds typically sits on a central server, a server whose security methods you have no idea about.


Trezor is also making a name for itself as a cold wallet storage creator that can be trusted.


Can a Cold Wallet be Hacked?

Along with this idea of personal security comes the concept of controlling your funds. This can be boiled down to a key mantra in the crypto space – not your keys, not your coins. 

This famous phrase refers to your private key, which is akin to the password of a banking app, allowing you to restore access to your cold storage wallet should you lose the device itself or it malfunctions. It is therefore very important, as anyone who has it can get into your Bitcoin cold wallet and take your funds.

When you are informed of your private key, write it down somewhere and keep it very safe (not online of course). If your cold storage wallet for cryptocurrency breaks or you lose it, don’t panic – as long as you have this private key or mnemonic you can restore access to your funds on another device. 

This is the advantage of having the coins stored on the blockchain and the cold wallet storage device being a portal, rather than it being the location of the coins themselves.

If you are very careful with your private key, the chances of your cold wallet USB device or paper wallet being hacked are extremely low. The only other risk you face is downloading rogue software, but if you download from official sources you will almost certainly have a hack-free experience with a crypto cold wallet.


How to Use a Cold Wallet

Using a cold storage crypto wallet is much easier than it used to be, which has helped drive their popularity. 

Cold wallet crypto devices now come with dedicated software, which is what you will use to manage the coins in the wallet. It’s simply a case of plugging the cold wallet into your computer and logging on to the program – once you’re there you can check your portfolio, send funds, and in some cases even stake your coins. 

If you generate a transaction you need to confirm it on the cold storage wallet itself before it will proceed. This is a security feature that ensures no one can remotely move the funds in your wallet.

Paper wallets are a little more complicated, but still worth exploring, seeing as they’re much less expensive than a cheap cold wallet – they’re completely free. When you send funds to a paper Bitcoin cold wallet address you will be left with a QR code and a private key to print out. 

The QR code is in effect your free hardware wallet and the private key is, as we know, the way you unlock it, so whatever you do, don’t store them in the same place.

When you want to check the contents of the paper cold storage wallet or send funds from it, you can use the QR code using a resource such as, enter the private key and you will have access to the funds in the wallet.


Paper wallets as a form of cold wallet storage is still as a reliable as ever.


Is a Cold Wallet Really Necessary?

Hopefully, this guide has left you with the firm impression that, indeed, cold storage wallets, whether a fancy USB hardware wallet or a piece of paper, are worth their weight in gold (or Bitcoin).

Most reputable crypto outlets, even exchanges, recommend holding the bulk of your crypto in a cold wallet for security purposes and only keeping a small proportion in a hot wallet for easy access. 

Cold wallet storage technology has come along leaps and bounds in recent years – almost like the casino VPN market – and prices have come down, making cold storage wallets much more affordable for the regular crypto user. You don’t even need the best cold wallet on the market – even a cheap cold wallet will keep your funds more secure than a hot wallet.

They each have their pros and cons, but what constitutes the best cold wallet for cryptocurrency is something only you and your budget can decide. However, with paper cold storage wallets still absolutely free and more secure than any hot wallet or an exchange, there’s no excuse for not taking the best care possible care of your crypto balance.

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