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Common casino game questions answered at Punt Casino.

Common Casino Game Questions Everyone Wants Answered

November 14, 2022

Common Casino Game Questions Everyone Wants Answered

November 14, 2022

Blog » Casino guides » Common Casino Game Questions Everyone Wants Answered

The Ultimate Casino Game FAQ: Most Common Questions Answered!

If you’re playing gambling games in online casinos such as Punt, we can bet our bottom dollar that you’ve got a few questions – some that may seem impossible to find answers for. Well, as a sort of ‘WikiLeaks’ for online gambling, we’re about to blow the whistle on the most common casino game questions asked by players, so here they are.


How to know if a slot machine is about to pay?

Sheesh! Starting off with the million-dollar question, are we? Then let’s get the record straight once and for all: there is no way to tell if a slot machine is about to pay, period. If this were the case, casinos would be bankrupt, and online gambling altogether would probably not even exist.

And no, not even WE know when it’s going to happen, or how much. It’s all about the luck of the draw, baby! Slot machine mechanics combined with RNG (Random Number Generator) software produce a totally random outcome with every single spin, regardless of whether it paid out recently or not. It’s the whole point of gambling – you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Yes, there are a few old wives’ tales and superstitious beliefs out there, like avoiding slots where you have had 7 losses in a row, or the “Zig-Zag” method where you find a game with at least 3 symbols already on a payline and the same symbols above or below the line before you start spinning. Pffft! Like THAT’S going to work, Slots are random and there’s no way of knowing when they pay – end of story.


Do online slots pay the same as land-based casino slots?

No, online slots in general pay MORE than land-based casino slots. To understand why you have to be familiar with slot game RTP (Return To Player). Each casino slot game, land-based or online, is programmed to pay back a certain percentage of its takings to players, and again, nobody knows when, or how much.

The RTP percentage that a slot must pay out is programmed into the slot game’s software (yes, even land-based casino slots use software), and determines how much a slot will pay back over its payout cycle.

Online casino slots vs land-based casino slots.

But why do online slots pay more? The logistics, for one. Land-based casinos have massive overheads with properties that need to be maintained, equipment that needs to be bought, staff, utilities, etc. Online casinos, not so much.

Traditional casinos simply cannot afford to offer games with the same RTP percentages as online casinos do – we get to be a little more free-handed with our games and can offer higher RTPs. 

Plus, major online casinos have more players and generate more revenue (not necessarily meaning they make more profit) which means they can afford to pay out more and still cover expenses.

Also, most land-based casinos can adjust the RTPs on their slots according to the parameters of their local gaming license, whereas online casinos must stick to the specific game provider’s RTP for slots, and cannot alter them in any way. Our providers? Well, let’s just say they are the generous type – offering games with RTPs of up to 96% payback or higher.

Punt Casino game providers.


Are casino games all about luck?

Yes, and no. We already know that there’s no way of knowing when a slot game will pay. But are there ways of increasing your chances to win in online casinos? Definitely. 

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you’ll know that we offer loads of casino tips and tricks to help you go pro, such as online slots tips to keep you winning, guides on casino games with the best odds, and even information on progressive jackpots and how they are won, to name only a few. 

We give you every bit of power you need to snatch those payouts in over 1,000 casino games at Punt. Have you seen our menu lately?

Punt Casino games catalog.

But to answer the question: are casino games all about luck? The truth is, yes, for the most part. If you’re a skilled and knowledgeable player, then you can improve your chances. But overall, casinos have been, and always will be, about getting lucky. Who knows, perhaps today is your lucky day.


How much do casino games pay on average?

That all depends on which games you play. The house edge and RTP payback percentages we mentioned play a big part in determining the average payout for a casino game. Many table games offer great odds, with games such as blackjack and baccarat offering a house edge of between only 1% and 2% on certain bets.

You can usually find the RTP (opposite of house edge) in the game’s menu, whether it’s a slot or a table game. For online casinos in general, you can expect an average RTP of around 95% or 96%. But we have loads of games on the menu offering even more, so take your pick today. 


Are online casino game winnings taxable?

It all depends on where you’re playing from, and which currencies you are using to gamble. It’s safe to say that online casino winnings are taxable in most countries. We all know the tax man wants his cut, no matter what.

But this may not always be the case. Crypto winnings, for example, are usually taxed differently than fiat currencies – we actually have an entire article on whether or not crypto casino winnings are taxed.

But to be safe, always check your specific country’s laws and regulations when it comes to paying tax on your winnings from online casinos. And if it’s required, we highly recommend you do so.


What makes online casino games random?

Online casinos and casino game creators use RNGs (Random Number Generators) to produce totally random outcomes for casino games. RNGs are algorithms programmed into the software, and each time you spin the reels, it spits out a totally random sequence of numbers that tell the reels in which positions to stop, or which cards to be dealt in which positions on the table, for example.

How a casino game Random Number Generator (RNG) works.

Of course, we can get very technical with RNGs, and you can find out more here. And just so you know, RNGs at licensed and reputable casinos such as Punt are tested by external auditors to ensure that games stay random, fair, and trustworthy at all times.


What are casino bonuses?

Now you’re starting to ask the right questions! Casino bonuses? These are your tickets to the high life. Online casino bonuses offer players the opportunity to increase the size of their deposits, for free. Heck, some casinos (including us) even give away bonuses without you even needing to deposit.

The most popular type of casino bonus is a welcome bonus/package. These bonuses are offered to new players when joining the casino, and often put out thousands of dollars on top of your original first deposit.

At Punt Casino, for example, players can power up with a bonus on their first 3 deposits, with the Punt Welcome Package offering 6 BTC and a $25 Free Chip in total.

Claim your Punt Casino welcome bonus.

  • 1st Deposit: 125% bonus up to 3 BTC and a $25 Free Chip
  • 2nd Deposit: 75% bonus up to 2 BTC
  • 3rd Deposit: 75% bonus up to 1 BTC

But there are many different types of casino bonuses to choose from. You can scoop up some free spins, claim weekly deposit bonuses, get lucky with no-deposit bonuses, and even win bonus funds or free spins in tournaments and promotional games.


What pays more – table games or slots?

All the pros out there will probably tell you that table games trump slots, and for many reasons, this is true. However, we like to think there is a perfect balance between the 2.

You see, although many table games will offer better odds or lower house advantages than most slots, some slot games have the power to change your life with a single spin. Jackpot slots are huge in online casinos and have made many players a megabuck or 2.

Big win on a jackpot slot machine.

There are table games out there that offer jackpots too, don’t get us wrong. But if you’re after big wins, slots are the way to go. Table games may give you better odds and are loads of fun to play, so if you’re looking for consistency, give them a try.


Which casino games have the best odds?

The game of blackjack, as a whole, offers the best odds of winning in a casino, at around 49% in the player’s favor, and even more when using blackjack basic strategy. One of the most popular types of craps bets, the Odds bet, on the other hand, offers a smashing 0% house edge.

European Roulette also offers great odds on the Even Chances bets (Black or Red / Odd or Even). And slot game fanatics, don’t worry, picking a slot with a high RTP should do just fine.


Can I make money from playing online casino games?

Yes, but we wouldn’t recommend this as a career. There’s no way to ensure a stable income from online gambling. An exciting past-time and a thrilling form of entertainment? Definitely. But not a job – unless you’re James Bond, of course.

But online casinos have made many a millionaire, and the chances of you landing a life-changing payout certainly are real, as slim as they may be. If you get lucky, you can bag some serious wins – especially with all these secrets we’ve just revealed.


Can the casino manipulate the game I am playing?

No, there is absolutely no way that a casino can manipulate the game you are playing. Licensed and reputable online casinos such as Punt have to adhere to strict rules and need to be transparent with certain aspects of their operation – especially when it comes to offering fair and reliable online casino games.

Plus, it’s just not physically possible. Online casinos use external game providers to offer casino games on their platforms. These games use the provider’s software which cannot be altered in any way by the casino – simple. Did you think we have an army of casino elves that try to sabotage your games?

Well, it’s not Iceland (unless you’re 1 of our 4 players from there), elves probably don’t exist, and we really don’t have any hidden agendas. So no, a casino can not manipulate the game you are playing – even if they wanted to.


Got More Questions? Check out our Casino FAQ!

Now you can be the whiz kid at every weekly poker game or the casino game guru on all the online gambling forums with answers to the most common questions asked by online gamblers. For now, that’s it, but if you have more questions about casino games, our extensive Punt Casino FAQ has the answers. Happy gambling!

Punt Casino games catalog

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