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Learn how to use the Fibonacci roulette strategy at Punt Casino.

Fibonacci Roulette Betting System Explained

December 19, 2022

Fibonacci Roulette Betting System Explained

December 19, 2022

Blog » Casino guides » Fibonacci Roulette Betting System Explained

How to Use the Fibonacci Roulette Strategy to Your Advantage

Roulette can be a tricky game with so many numbers to bet on and so many different kinds of bets. However, using a strategy such as the Fibonacci roulette formula can cut out the confusion and simplify roulette games in many different ways.

Why muck about with Straight Ups, Splits, and Corner bets when you can capitalize on Even Chances with ease using roulette strategies such as the d’Alembert method, the Parolli formula, or for today’s topic, the Fibonacci betting system? If you want to take the upper hand in roulette, then keep on reading. We’re taking Fibonacci all the way to the bank today!


What is the Fibonacci strategy in roulette?

The Fibonacci method for betting in roulette gets its name from what is called the “Fibonacci Sequence” in mathematics. Fibonacci numbers form a sequence in which the next number in the sequence is the sum of the 2 previous numbers, like this:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, …

It is used in all sorts of computer algorithms and graphs called Fibonacci cubes. The Fibonacci formula also appears in nature, for example, in the way trees branch out, how leaves are arranged on a stem, a fern uncurling, and even the formation of a pinecone. This is also known as the “Golden Ratio”, and you may have seen the Fibonacci Spiral before.

The Fibonacci spiral.

Since the Fibonacci sequence is such a prevalent occurrence in technology, mathematics, and nature, it’s only natural that human beings have found a way to apply the Fibonacci system to one of our favorite pastimes – gambling. So, how does the Fibonacci roulette strategy work? Let’s find out.


How to use the Fibonacci betting system for roulette

Using the Fibonacci system for playing roulette is fairly simple. It offers lower risk than many of the other roulette strategies you will find. The Fibonacci formula is used for the Even Chances bets (Black/Red, Odd/Even, 1-18/19-36) on the outside of a roulette table.

The Fibonacci roulette strategy can be used on the outside bets in online roulette.

You start by placing the minimum bet (or whichever denomination you choose) on any 1 of these positions. If you lose the 1st spin, you place another bet at the same value (0+1). If you lose on the 2nd spin, combine the bet values for the 2 previous spins (1+1=2). You’ll apply the same strategy for losing on the 3rd spin, which will see you placing 3 bet denominations (1+2).

Whenever you win using the Fibonacci roulette strategy, the rules say you have to move 2 levels down on the sequence. For example, if you’re betting $5 on the 1st spin and lose, you’ll bet another $5 on the 2nd, $10 on the 3rd, and $15 on the 4th. This means you’re in for $35 in total. 

The 5th round will see you betting another $25 ($10+$15) for a $60 total on all your wagers. If you win, you’ll have $50 in total, as your $25 bet gets paid even money ($25+$25) – meaning you’re down $10. Moving down 2 levels in the sequence will then see you betting $10 again. Winning here will see evened out again and and then it’s back down to the minimum bet.

Keep in mind that this is only if you catch a losing streak, which is not always the case. You can place your initial bet in whichever denomination you like, and the bets to follow in your sequence will have to be adjusted accordingly.


Easy steps for using the Fibonacci roulette strategy

  1. To use the Fibonacci strategy, start by placing your first bet on any Even Chances betting positions. You can use whichever denomination you like to begin with. We recommend starting small.
  2. If you lose, increase your wager by adding the values of your 2 previous bets together in the Fibonacci formula (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc. Follow this process until you win.
  3. On your 1st win, the Fibonacci betting system requires you to move down two levels in the sequence. For example, if you win on the 5th spin (5 denominations), you’ll go back to betting 2 denominations.
  4. This entire process is repeated whenever you start a new sequence after reaching your initial bet value with a few consecutive payouts when using the Fibonacci method.


Is the Fibonacci roulette system good for beginners?

The Fibonacci strategy is not as aggressive as some other negative progression systems such as the Martingale. It’s easier to regain your losses after a few wins as your wager doesn’t drop as drastically. However, as with any roulette strategy, the Fibonacci formula cannot guarantee you a win – luck still plays an important part.

Also remember to pick the right type of roulette. You don’t want to let the extra 0 in American roulette diminish your chances on the even-money bets, so it might be best to stick with the European version.

American vs European roulette wheels.

Using this strategy allows you to capitalize on the minimums and maximum bets allowed on the roulette table by increasing and decreasing its size as needed. This gives you better chances and a strict set of rules to play by. 

By sticking to this strategy, you avoid falling victim to greed, which often sees many players bust their bankroll because they’re not betting strategically. So for these reasons, the Fibonacci roulette system is one of the best roulette strategies for beginners.


Best roulette games to use the Fibonacci strategy

You’re probably very eager to put the Fibonacci to the test and find out if it really can benefit you when playing online roulette, and we’re all for it. You’ll find plenty of top-notch roulette games on our menu to practice your skills, and you can use the Fibonacci formula to scoop up the payouts in any 1 you please.

Roulette games available to play online using cryptocurrency at Punt Casino.

More Games

Punt Casino offers various types of roulette in all different shapes and sizes. Plus, our games come to you from some of the world’s top casino game providers, with Fugaso, Betsoft, ReevoDragon Gaming, and more delivering only the best online roulette games to our menu.


Beat roulette using the Fibonacci formula at Punt Casino

That’s a wrap. We hope you enjoyed learning something new today – something that might just benefit you in a very big way. Ready to find out what the Fibonacci roulette system can do? Then hop over to the tables now in our top roulette games at Punt and start snatching up those payouts immediately.

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