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Forget Inflation, Fill Your Pockets at Punt with High RTP Games

November 24, 2022

Forget Inflation, Fill Your Pockets at Punt with High RTP Games

November 24, 2022

Blog » Casino guides » Forget Inflation, Fill Your Pockets at Punt with High RTP Games

10 Inflation-Busting Casino Games With High RTPs at Punt Casino

Did you know that inflation shrinks your savings? It’s true – the savings in your bank account, even if you’re earning interest, are taking a knock from inflation. But lucky for you, we have a whole menu of inflation-busting casino games with high RTP percentages (Return To Player) that can help you cut the curb and stay ahead of inflating prices.

Ready to give inflation the boot? Then let’s get cracking!


What is inflation?

Inflation refers to the rise of prices for pretty much anything – from goods and services to raw materials and even your general cost of living. Over time, the purchasing power of the money you hold decreases, making everything more expensive and your pockets shallower by the day.

The rise in prices, which is usually presented as a percentage, means that a unit of your currency, for example, $1 will buy less than it did before an increase in inflation. Even if you’re saving money in the bank and still earning interest, inflation will catch you.

Let’s say for example you have $100 in savings in your bank account, earning interest at a 1% rate. A year later, your savings will have grown to $101 thanks to your interest. However, if the inflation rate is, for example, 2%, you would need $102 in your account to have the same buying power you had a year ago – the $100.

See? Inflation sucks, and bank interest rates rarely cover the loss. It’s a scary thing. The Spanish Empire essentially collapsed due to inflation in the 17th century, and the worst part is,  they didn’t even know it was happening.

But hey, look on the bright side – you’re at the fastest-growing crypto casino in the world, and we have loads of high RTP slots and table games that can help you bust inflation with some good ol’ big wins, so let’s check them out.


10 high RTP casino games to help you bust inflation

Want to know what some of our high RTP games are? We have loads of premier casino games with RTPs of 96% and higher, so let’s take a look at some of the inflation-busting games on the menu.


1. Spartan Shield – Reevo

A guessing game taken to the next level – Spartan Shield slot will see you picking from numerous shield symbols on the reels to reveal multiplier prizes underneath. The more gold coins you pick, the higher your payout multiplier increases.

Spartan Shield slot is very easy to play as all you need to do is pick shields by clicking on them. If you pick a shield that reveals a Spartan helmet, your progress is lost. However, you can collect your winnings at any point before losing your bet to the Spartan helmet.

Spartan Shield slot played at Punt Casino.

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You can also choose the number of Spartan helmets that are hidden behind shields, and the more helmets in play, the higher your multiplier. Spartan Shields slot from Reevo offers a huge 96.7% to 97.3% RTP with low volatility, making quick and easy payouts common in the game.


2. Mr Macau – Betsoft

If you’re a fan of bonus features in slot games, and, of course, a high RTP, then Mr. Macau slot from Betsoft is where you need to be. Offering stacks of bonus features such as sticky symbols, respins, Mr. Macau’s Boost (we’ll let you discover that on your own), free spins with multipliers, and sticky wilds that put this game on the top shelf.

Mr. Macau slot at Punt Casino offers loads of bonus features and is one of the high RTP games on the menu.

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And the RTP? If you know anything about playing online slots, then you’ll know that any RTP above 96% is great. And Mr. Macau slot from Betsoft offers a whopping 97.07% RTP and medium volatility. Add that to all the exciting bonus features in this slot and you have an inflation-busting recipe for success.


3. Aztec Warrior – Dragon Gaming

Ready to jam with the big wins in the jungle? Aztec Warrior slot from Dragon Gaming takes us deep into the Central American jungle to discover the ancient treasures of the Aztec people. Played on a 5×3 reel grid with 10 paylines and a heap of thrilling features and a captivating theme, this slot delivers that adventurous feeling in full supply.

Aztec Warrior slot is a high RTP game at Punt Casino.

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The free spins bonus offers a pick-and-click bonus game with up to 12 free spins awarded at once. You can also use the Gamble feature to double your payouts after every winning spin, and with a staggering 96.5% RTP, that shouldn’t be a problem in Aztec Warrior slot.


4. The Mummy Win Hunters Epicways – Fugaso

Feeling like a regular Brendan Fraser? Perhaps you’re more of a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Tom Cruise? Well, whoever your favorite mummy-movie actor is, The Mummy Wind Hunters Epicways slot from Fugaso will have you dishing out all that action-hero adrenaline on 6 reels with up to 15,625 ways to win.

This slot is very interesting because symbols will appear in different sizes on the reels, which changes the ways to win for every spin. It’s packed with bonuses and can award up to 50 free spins at once – and they even come with special expanding symbols to help you win.

The Mummy Win Hunters Epicways played at Punt Casino.

Play Now

The best part is, you can skip the whole ‘landing 3 or more scatters to trigger the bonus’ thing by using the BUY Bonus feature to get straight to the action. The Mummy Win Hunters Epicways slot offers a generous 95.82% RTP and up to a super 96.98% RTP using the bonus bet. Epic? Totally! That’s why it’s EPICWAYS.


5. Blackjack – Reevo

Blackjack fans, this one is for YOU. And if you want to know why blackjack players love the game so much (besides how awesome it is to play, of course), it’s because blackjack has the lowest house edge in the house.

Blackjack from Reevo is a great version of the game and it’s one of the very-high RTP games on the menu, with an eye-popping 99.54% RTP. Inflation? What’s that?

Blackjack from Reevo is a high RTP casino game that can be played suing cryptocurrency at Punt Casino.

Play Now

The best part (besides the RTP) is that you get to play up to 3 hands at once in a single round, allowing you to capitalize on that mega RTP even more. Plus, you’ll have some soothing jazz playing in the background making you feel classy as hell.

And if blackjack is not your table game, Baccarat from Reevo offers the same 99.54% RTP. Can’t choose between the 2? Then here’s how to find out if blackjack or baccarat is best for you.


6. Aviator – Spribe

Crash games, crash games, crash games – players just can’t get enough. And when it comes to Aviator crash game from Spribe, you can expect all that thrilling multiplier action that crash games are known for, and a lot more. High RTP games, watch out – Aviator is coming in hot for the landing with a solid 97% RTP and a pilot’s license to pay.

Aviator crash game at Punt Casino is one of the high RTP slots available to play using crypto.

Play Now

How high can YOU fly? You better keep that baby in the sky, because the longer you can hold her up in the air, the higher your multiplier gets and the bigger you win. Find all there is to know about playing Aviator crash game today – it might just become your fav!


7. 243 Crystal Fruits – Tom Horn

If you love playing classic fruit slots and you’re looking for high RTP casino games, 243 Crystal Fruits slot from Tom Horn is worth taking a bite from. It’s one of the most popular games from Tom Horn, and the reasons are clear. 

It’s played on a 5×3 grid with only 5 paylines, but when a wild substitutes in a winning combo, the paylines vanish and it turns into a 243 ways to win mechanic. Learning about how paylines work and how many paylines you should play comes in handy in this slot.

243 Crystal Fruits from Tom Horn Gaming played at Punt Casino.

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You can also take advantage of cascading symbols with bonus multipliers with every winning round. And with a juicy 96.55% RTP, 243 Crystal Fruits slot is certainly a winner. Oh yes, and the gamble feature is worth a try – you can fill up on double payouts all day long. Bye-bye, inflation.


8. Neon Roulette – Fugaso

It’s roulette, only better. And as many table players know, roulette offers a great house edge for the player, with a 97.3% RTP in Neon Roulette from Fugaso. It works just like real roulette – all payout odds are the same, and since there is only 1 Zero, it’s a European Roulette game, and that means a better house edge than American Roulette.

Neon Roulette from Fugaso is a high RTP table game at Punt.

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It has a flashy layout and even displays hot and cold numbers on the Billboard. Plus, you can use the racetrack to place special bets, as well as the Billboard, which makes the game a breeze to play and will have you placing those winning numbers in no time.


9. Video Poker – Reevo

Aha! One of the most popular types of games in a casino – video poker. Reevo’s Video Poker game is one of the best on the menu and offers what might just be the best RTP you will find, with a 99.54% RTP. If you’re ready to whip out that poker face, Video Poker from Reevo is where to do it.

Video Poker from Reevo played at Punt Casino.

Play Now

You’ll need at least a pair of Jacks or better to receive a payout in this game, with fair and standard payout odds of most video poker games. Busting inflation with high RTP casino games is the way to go, and Video Poker is definitely a great way to do it.


10. Quest to the West – Betsoft

Quest to the West slot from Betsoft offers a mythical Eastern theme with the main character being a warrior Monkey King, on his quest to find the hidden treasures of the West. If you love cash-loaded Chinese casino games, this slot is going to rock your world. 

Played on 5×3 reels with 25 paylines and 11 paying symbols, you’ll have all the monkey power you need to slash through inflation and bag the win. The most exciting part of this game is triggering the Quest to the West bonus by landing 3 or more Monkey King symbols, which will see you triggering respins and instant wins.

Quest to the West slot from Betsoft is a high RTP game that can be played using cryptocurrency at Punt Casino.

Play Now

RTP? You can join the Monkey King on his Quest to the West with a super-stacked 97.53% RTP backing you all the way. If you’re a die-hard slots player, you’ll know that’s an absolutely amazing RTP – that’ll put a sock in inflation’s mouth.


Show inflation who’s boss at Punt Casino today!

Moral of the story? Inflation sucks, but you can bust a hole in it with our high RTP casino games at Punt – you just gotta know which ones! And now that that’s taken care of, you’ve got some winning to do. Good luck, now go out there and give inflation hell on behalf of all of us!

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