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Learn how to cheat or beat slot machines with the Punt Casino blog.

How to Cheat (Or Beat) Slot Machines

December 10, 2022

How to Cheat (Or Beat) Slot Machines

December 10, 2022

Blog » Casino guides » How to Cheat (Or Beat) Slot Machines

Can You Learn How to Cheat Slot Machines?

So you want to learn how to cheat slot machines and win more than you should in online casino games? That’s very naughty of you, although we may be able to help. But hey, it’s not 1997 anymore – most slots are online now and protected by various security protocols, making it virtually impossible to find ways to cheat a slot machine online.

But beating them? Now that’s something we can get on board with, so we’ll give you a few slot machine tricks, cheats, and tips to give you the upper hand. But first, let’s look at a few ways that slot machines have been cheated in the past in what we like to think of as ‘The Slot Machine Anarchists Cookbook’, or something of the sort.

⚠️WARNING! We DO NOT condone or encourage any form of cheating, ever. This article is solely for entertainment purposes and to provide a few tips and tricks on how to possibly BEAT them, NOT CHEAT them. 

Our legal department suggested we mention that. ?


How to trick a slot machine to win

Okay, so online slots are tricky to cheat, but land-based slots? Well… let’s just say they’re slightly more vulnerable when it comes to cheating or hacking. All slots nowadays use computer software to protect the games from cheaters, but some have found their way around this. 

There are all sorts of cheat codes for slot machines and you can learn ways to cheat a slot machine on various sites – but they rarely work, and staying anonymous and getting away with it is a whole other story.

Cheating slot machines.

At this point, you’re probably feeling rather excited to find out about the ways to cheat a slot machine and possibly also a little guilty for feeling that way – that’s a good thing. But hey, you haven’t crossed the line yet, so let’s look at a few methods for how to cheat slot machines – theoretically, of course.


Using a slot machine cheating device

There are various devices that have been used in the past to cheat slot machines, but let’s start with a story of a famous Vegas-based cheater that took a whole bunch of casinos for fools and created a slot machine cheating device that actually works – or worked, to be precise.

Enter Tommy Glenn Carmichael, known as one of the most successful cheaters who learned how to manipulate a slot machine on the casino floor using various slot cheating devices that he fashioned himself, one of which was called the “Monkey Paw”.

Slot machine cheating devices.

He used this tool to get more money paid out from a slot than he normally would for a payout by inserting it into the payout spout. Whenever he hit a winning combination, the coins would continue flowing out with nothing to stop them, as the device was keeping it open. He did this on numerous occasions in many different casinos – sneaky bugger! Of course, he was caught in the end, as expected.


Other slot machine cheating device methods

There are other methods for how to cheat slot machines using a slot machine cheating device. Some have resorted to using cheating devices for slots that disrupt the slot machine’s computer using electromagnetic pulses. How to cheat a slot machine with a magnet? One such device is known as a “slot machine jammer” – very creative name, don’t you think?

Slot machine jamming device used for cheating.

This slot machine cheating device uses electromagnetic pulses that are believed to confuse the slot’s computers. Whether it works or not is debatable, and we don’t suggest using these for online slots – you’ll only be damaging your own phone or desktop device by doing so, and it simply won’t work.


How to hack slot machines with a phone

Ever wondered why many land-based casinos ban the use of cell phones? Well, there are many reasons, but mainly because players figured out how to hack slot machines with a phone, resulting in huge losses for casinos worldwide.

So, how to trick a slot machine to win more using a mobile phone? Players have learned how to cheat slot machines by filming and broadcasting their slot play to an expert on the receiving end. This supposedly allowed the expert to calculate the winning sequence of the slot’s RNG software and send a signal back to the player, notifying them when to click the spin button.

Slot machine hacker.

We haven’t tested this method, and we’re not going to, but it goes to show that you can learn how to hack slot machines with a phone if you have enough time, loads of cash to keep spinning the reels to relay the slot machine cycle, an “expert” (whatever that means), and a cellphone battery that lasts forever.


Using cheat codes for slot machines

If you think using cheat codes for slot machines to win more money entails typing a few characters on your keyboard when playing online as you would for a video game, you’d be wrong. 

Over the years, slot machines have evolved from using simple mechanical parts and now make use of technologies such as RNG slots software and electronic sensors. This means that computer programmers are an essential part of creating slot machines in the 21st century. 

That’s all good and well, but what happens if the programmer decides to steer away from his moral compass and finds out how to cheat slot machines by creating a backdoor into the slot machine’s software to manipulate the outcome?

Back door open neon signage.

This was the case with Ronald Dale Harris, a software developer who worked for the Nevada Gaming Board in the early 90s and was tasked with repairing faulty slot machine software. 

Harris took advantage of his position and access to the source code and created cheat codes for slot machines which saw the games paying out more when coins were inserted in a specific sequence. Here is one of the popular cheat codes he created:

Insert 3 coins, then 2 coins, 2 coins again, then 1 coin, 3 coins, and finally, 5 coins following this sequential order.

Harris and his accomplice rigged many machines in this way and stole thousands of dollars from various casinos in Las Vegas from 1993 to 1995, resulting in one of the most successful and well-known slot machine hacks of all time. Let’s take a look at a few more methods for how to cheat slot machines.


Other slot machine tricks, cheats, and hacks

As you can see, players have figured out how to manipulate a slot machine in many different ways, and it seems as long as there are cheaters, there will always be new ways to cheat a slot machine. However, we still haven’t covered all of them, so here are the most common methods that players have used to learn how to trick a slot machine to win.

The various ways players use to learn how to cheat slot machines.


But we believe that the only way you can really know how to cheat a slot machine is to get more spins than you’re paying for, and we don’t call it cheating a slot machine – we call it BEATING a slot machine. We can almost guarantee that none of these ways to cheat a slot machine will work for online slots, so instead of cheating them, let’s see how you can beat a slot machine.


How to BEAT a slot machine to win

Beating slot machines is all about playing smart. Using casino bonuses and promotions, taking advantage of tips and tricks for playing slots, and getting clued up with answers to the most common questions asked by players can all help you beat the games and give yourself the upper hand.

Big win at Punt Casino.

Look for casino games on the menu with the highest RTPs and lowest house edge – many of them are slots and ready to get you paid today. But as we mentioned, the best way to beat slots is to get more spins than you’re paying for, and our bonuses and promos at Punt offer just that.

Some of the casino promotions and bonuses at Punt Casino.

And that’s but a small taste of what Punt Casino can offer you today. We update our promos and bonus offers all the time, so check them out now to see what’s up for grabs today. 


Summary: How to cheat slot machines

  • Cheat codes for slot machines
  • A slot machine cheating device such as a slot machine jammer or the famous “Monkey Paw” cheating device.
  • Learn how to hack slot machines with a phone.
  • Learn how to cheat a slot machine with a magnet.
  • Fake tokens.
  • Exploiting bugs.
  • Software hacking.

HEY! Don’t ever cheat. Beat.


Beat the slots at Punt today!

So now you’ve learned how to manipulate a slot machine and how to cheat slot machines, but please, don’t put these methods into practice. And if you do, we had NOTHING to do with, capeesh? But beating slot machines? Go for it! We’ve given you the tools you need so go out there and make us proud by stacking up those wins in our top casino games at Punt, so make your mark today.

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