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USDT Gambling: 5 Reasons You Should Gamble with Tether

September 24, 2022

USDT Gambling: 5 Reasons You Should Gamble with Tether

September 24, 2022

Blog » Casino guides » USDT Gambling: 5 Reasons You Should Gamble with Tether

USDT Gambling Lets You Win Big at Punt Casino

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (apologies if you have!), you’ll know that cryptocurrencies have seen major adoption across the globe.

As a result, crypto has become an acceptable method for exchange and payments for multiple organizations, including right here at Punt Casino.

Among the thousands of cryptocurrencies that exist today, Tether (USDT) is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Reason being that it is reliable, safe, and convenient, even if it has experienced a little controversy over the years.

In this article, we are putting our cards on the table when it comes to USDT. Here are five reasons why Tether is your best bet for crypto gambling transactions and playing casino games at Punt.


Why Should You Gamble with USDT?

While there are far more popular cryptocurrencies — and good old fiat — many gamblers still prefer Tether instead, and it’s easy to see why due to availability But, accessibility and availability isn’t the be all to end all when it comes to your gambling currency of choice.

Fast transaction processing speed 

This is the foremost criterion that sets Tether apart. 

Unlike traditional fiat, which could be subject to organizational lapses, bureaucratic restrictions, and network downtimes, getting USDT into your casino account takes just seconds.

With Tether and most cryptocurrencies, you do not have to rely on third-party organizations to process your transactions. This ensures that you enjoy faster transactions with lesser fees – it’s a win-win! Plus, you can use our handy deposit window in the Punt Casino lobby to register, make your first Tether deposit, and claim your 3-stage welcome package of up to 6 BTC (or USDT equivalent) to get started right away!

The Punt Casino Lobby featuring football icon and brand ambassador, Michael Owen.

Additionally, in certain countries, the speed of debit or credit card transactions depends on banks’ operating hours, as money transfers have to be approved at different levels by different parties. In our experience, it can be pretty slow.

With USDT, your funds are accessible round the clock, as the crypto markets never sleep. Also, transactions are processed on the blockchain at breathtaking speed, meaning you don’t need multi-party approvals or regulatory checks before transacting. 

Reliable security

Using USDT for your online gambling is safer than most cryptos, as the stablecoin is backed by real assets owned by Tether. 

As we saw in May with Terra USD (UST), certain stablecoins issued by some protocols are susceptible to collapse, de-pegging, or hacks. With Tether, you are gambling using one of the most backed and most popular coins in crypto, meaning that the proceeds from your wins are – as the British would say – as safe as houses.

Compared to fiat, gambling with cryptocurrencies like USDT eliminates the risk of data theft in case of a personal attack. This is because you do not have to provide important information to transact using USDT. 

Stable value 

One key drawback of cryptocurrencies that can’t be overlooked is price volatility. With cryptos like BTC, the proceeds from your gambling wins may be eroded with dips in price, such as we have seen over the last few months. 

With the ongoing chaos and the bearish sentiment in the markets, it would be wise to opt for a more stable option, and as far as stability goes, it doesn’t get more stable than USDT. 

Tether (USDT) is one of the most popular stablecoins. It is backed by (and pegged 1:1 to) the US Dollar, so you do not have to worry about fluctuating prices, as the Dollar is one of the most stable currencies in the world.

Tether USDT has a value pegged to the US dollar.

So, while you may worry about fluctuation in the prices of other cryptocurrencies, that of USDT remains fixed over time. 


Gambling Rewards

Gambling with cryptocurrencies like Tether lets you enjoy several bonuses and rewards – bonuses and rewards that you won’t get elsewhere. 

Many online casinos (like Punt Casino, of course!) use bonuses, promotions, and loyalty programs to attract online gamblers into using cryptos for gambling. 

Casinos that allow crypto gambling are especially generous, as they offer amazing rewards and mind-blowing promotions that usually do not apply to gamblers who use fiat for their crypto transactions. 

A Wide Range of Games to Choose From 

There is a wide range of games available to you when you play using Tether, especially at Punt Casino. You can enjoy our games, ranging from online slots to table games down to more skill-based games such as blackjack and roulette.

Kicking open the door to the biggest and best casino action, USDT can be your ticket to life-changing jackpots.


How to Gamble with Tether on Punt Casino 

Getting started with gambling with Tether should not be difficult. In fact, it is super easy!

To begin your USDT journey, just follow these steps:

Step 1 – Open a cryptocurrency wallet

For a list of the best wallet options for you, check this list. A crypto wallet is a digital tool wherein you store and manage your crypto assets. Through your crypto wallet, you can access your crypto, send it to others and receive crypto. 

Wallets are great for transacting at Punt Casino, as they are what replace the accounts you would use in a fiat transaction. 

Once you’ve chosen a preferred wallet, you can read this guide on how to set up a crypto wallet.

Step 2 – Buy USDT

Buy the USDT coins you intend to use for gambling via any crypto exchange of your choice. Don’t worry, it’s a super simple process that your chosen wallet or exchange should make clear to you.

Step 3 – Pick a casino of your choice

There are thousands of casinos out there, but Punt Casino remains a great choice. If you’re new, you can create a player account here (it will only take a few minutes). Plus, you’ll get to grab yourself up to 6 BTC (or Tether equivalent) and a $25 Free Chip when joining the world’s top-ranking crypto casino!

The Punt Casino Welcome Package offers up to 6 BTC in bonus funds and 100 free spins across the first 3 deposits.

Step 4 – Deposit

Now that you have chosen your wallet, purchased your USDT coins, and signed up at a casino (preferably Punt Casino), it is now time to deposit. Usually, a casino offers you a welcome bonus (which you may decline, your choice!). 

At Punt Casino, we offer you a generous bonus of up to 6 BTC and a $25 Free Chip to get your started. Don’t say we don’t treat you!


Should you gamble with Tether? 

The answer to that is a resounding yes! 

This stablecoin has proven to be one of the most reliable and effective digital assets to use for online gambling. 

In addition to the stable value it offers, its utility as a currency with fast transaction times, as well as the numerous available games makes it a no-brainer for online casino gambling. 

What’s more, it offers the best of both fiat and crypto, combining what both have to offer, while eliminating their drawbacks. Gamble with USDT now and enjoy your favorite games while winning amazing prizes with Punt Casino!   

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