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New to Crypto? Here’s How to Start Using Cryptocurrencies

February 12, 2023

New to Crypto? Here’s How to Start Using Cryptocurrencies

February 12, 2023

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3 Easy Steps to Start Using Cryptocurrencies

So you want to get in on the crypto game but don’t know how to start using cryptocurrencies? We got you! As cliché as this may sound, everybody needs to start somewhere. And hey, good on you for taking the first step in your crypto adoption journey today.

Getting started with cryptocurrency is actually very easy, believe it or not. Many new users are deterred by the digital nature of these coins, often under the impression that you need to be some sort of digital whizz-kid to understand how crypto works, and how to use it.

We’re here to tell you that is NOT the case – everyone can use crypto. And once you’ve discovered the many benefits of using cryptocurrencies over traditional fiat currencies, there’s no going back. 


What exactly are cryptocurrencies 

Cryptocurrencies are essentially just a digital form of traditional currencies. Yes, there are many different types of crypto created for various purposes, but today, we’re keeping it simple to get you started with the basics of using these digital coins. 

Cryptocurrencies are created using cryptography, which is coding used to keep data between a sender and a receiver secure. Furthermore, many cryptocurrencies are not issued by central authorities or financial institutions such as banks, but rather exist on a digital public ledger known as a blockchain.

How blockchain technology works in crypto.

By using blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies cut out the need for third-party payment providers and create a secure means for the sender and receiver to transact. The best part is, transactions are almost instant.

A blockchain “Node” refers to independent moderators that build and maintain the blockchain network. Nodes are rewarded in crypto for validating transactions and “mining” new coins on the blockchain. Do you need to understand all of this to start using cryptocurrencies today? No.

Without getting too technical, cryptocurrencies are simply an alternative to traditional currencies and allow you the opportunity to invest, purchase goods and services online, or simply use them as a means to avoid high transaction fees and lengthy processing times associated with government-issued currencies and banks.


Why use crypto?

  • Cryptos offer higher levels of security than traditional currencies.
  • You can take advantage of lower fees when transacting online.
  • It’s private. None of your personal info is attached to your transactions, only your crypto deposit or receiving address.
  • Crypto transactions are much faster than fiat currencies thanks to the use of blockchain technology.


3 steps to start using cryptocurrencies today

As mentioned, getting started with cryptocurrency is very easy. You can become a full-fledged member of the crypto community today if you follow these 3 easy steps to start using crypto. 


1. Do your research

If you want to get started with crypto, you’ll need to do a little research first. Fortunately, learning about crypto is actually quite a bit of fun. We’re a quirky bunch in the crypto community and love using acronyms, memes, slang, and funny explanations to teach others about crypto.

Funny crypto meme.

Read up on the latest trends, crypto news, and new coins coming into the market, especially if you want to stay ahead of the game. Reading articles such as How bitcoin reached $1,000 for the first time can help you understand the history of bitcoin, and how this applies to the future. You can also visit crypto forums such as to get your finger on the pulse of the crypto community.

If you’re looking to start using cryptocurrencies for online gambling, for example, finding out what the best and worst cryptos for gambling are will also be advantageous. You have to understand that the cryptocurrency market is a volatile one, and keeping up to date with what is happening in the crypto space can only do you good.


2. Find a means to store your funds

Once you’ve researched the coins you’d like to get into, it’s time to get your hands on them to start using cryptocurrencies as soon as possible. However, you can’t exactly withdraw crypto and put it in your pocket. You’ll need a digital crypto wallet to store your funds.

Now, this may sound like some techy mumbo-jumbo at first. But setting up a crypto wallet is pretty much just as easy as creating an account with an online store. All you need is a mobile device and a few minor details, and you’re ready to go.

Click on the image above for a full explanation of how crypto wallets work, which types of crypto wallets there are, and how you can set one up today. And please, when getting started with cryptocurrency, make sure you choose a safe and trustworthy wallet to store your funds.


3. Choose a trusted crypto exchange

The final step to get started with crypto is to find a safe and trusted crypto exchange to purchase your coins. This goes hand-in-hand with the first step, research. How to find a safe crypto exchange

You’ll need to shop around and find out which crypto exchanges offer the best terms with a decent amount of cryptos to choose from. But at the same time, you’ll also need to take user-friendliness and accessibility into account.

Some top crypto exchanges:

Most of these trusted exchanges also offer mobile apps which include crypto wallets. This makes the process of purchasing and storing your crypto seamless. In most cases, all you’ll need to do is download the app, sign up, and you’re ready to start using cryptocurrencies today.


Take advantage of crypto gambling at Punt Casino

If you’re wondering what to use your crypto for, why not take a shot at a jackpot to increase your crypto returns tenfold in any of our payout-packed casino games at Punt

Yes, that’s right. You can get started with crypto gambling too, with all those exciting benefits we mentioned helping you take advantage of faster, safer, and cheaper deposits and withdrawals at Punt.

We have over 1,000 crypto-friendly casino games with the world’s top bitcoin casino games and game providers available on our menu.

Start using cryptocurrencies to play the best casino games at Punt Casino.

But it’s not only our casino games that see you scoring big returns on your crypto. We also offer all our players bankroll-boosting bonuses and free spins promos that could see you double your deposit (or more) instantly when you sign up at Punt

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But it doesn’t end there. Visit our Promotions page today to find out about the newest offers at Punt. We also have exciting tournaments and competitions running frequently with big money on the line.


Start using cryptocurrencies and take advantage today

Congrats, your crypto adoption journey is officially underway. As you can see, getting started with cryptocurrency is fairly easy. We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about using cryptos in this article. But remember, we have tons of articles on the Punt Casino Blog that’ll give you an even deeper insight. But for now, welcome to the party, and may the force be with you.

Casino games catalog at Punt Casino.

How to Deposit at an XRP Casino

December 20, 2022

How to Deposit at an XRP Casino

December 20, 2022

Blog » Posts tagged "XRP"

Playing at an XRP Casino? This is how to get started

In case you didn’t know by now, Punt Casino is big on depositing guides. We have one for pretty much every cryptocurrency on offer, and now we’ve added XRP to the mix!

We’ve put together this insanely easy to follow step by step guide on depositing at an XRP casino. Plus, we’ve advised you on where to purchase XRP if you don’t yet know how to do so.


Transacting at a XRP casino

If you’ve ever gambled at an XRP casino before, you’ll know just how advantageous it is. Faster deposits and withdrawals, cheaper and safer transactions, and complete anonymity are just some of the epic benefits of XRP betting.

We’ve provided a basic breakdown of how to deposit and withdraw at XRP casinos below.


How do deposit at Punt

But first! Watch this super comprehensive video below. Our resident Punt expert, Abby, walks you through the process of depositing bitcoin step by step. Depositing XRP is pretty much exactly the same – the only difference being the cryptocurrency you’re using.


XRP casino deposits

You won’t need to take notes – it’s really quite simple.

Find a crypto exchange: where to purchase XRP

Remember that before you are actually able to deposit into your Punt Player Account, you’ll first need to set up a crypto wallet. And, you’ll need to find a trustworthy crypto exchange site with which to purchase your Ripple.

If this is Greek to you, don’t stress. We’ve outlined this for you below.

With hundreds available, deciding on a crypto exchange site isn’t as clear cut as it may seem. There are crucial considerations such as safety, trustworthiness, and reliability. So, how do you go about choosing the right one?

Do your homework

Research, research, research! Read reviews, find out what people are saying, and get a clear overview of the user sentiment behind the various crypto exchanges before committing to one. Some people opt to make use of more than one crypto exchange, preferring to diversify to lessen risk, or to make the most of the different advantages associated with each. This is totally up to you.


Popular crypto exchange sites based on user volume:

  • Binance
  • OKX
  • Coinbase
  • Huobi
  • Kucoin
Our recommendation: Coinbase

Ripple is available on most cryptocurrency exchange sites, such as Coinbase. You can find out everything you need to know about finding a safe and reliable crypto exchange in this blog.

Making your XRP deposit at Punt Casino

Step 1 – create your Punt Casino Player account

If you don’t have a Punt Player account yet, it only takes a few seconds to enter your details and create your account.

Play at Punt

You can either make your first deposit when signing up by making use of the quick-deposit window, or by going through the cashier.

If you opt to deposit through the quick-deposit window, you’ll be able to create your account, deposit, and claim the first part of your welcome bonus simultaneously. We’ve created a guide for you on how to claim your welcome bonus.

Quick deposit window at Punt Casino.

If you prefer to deposit through the cashier directly, the depositing process is pretty much the same. This also allows you to deposit when you’re ready, instead of right away.

Punt Casino games lobby.


Here’s how to sign up and deposit:

  • Click on Sign Up
  • Enter your information (email address, password and preferred currency) in the pop up that appears
  • Click on the orange Sign Up button on the pop up window
  • Verify your account via the email address you used to sign up
  • Once your email address has been confirmed, you are an official Punt member

From here, you’ll be directed to the Promotions page, where you are able to claim any of the available bonuses that Punt has created just for you. This is where the depositing happens.


Step 2 – Making your first deposit

This part is really easy! Select your deposit amount from the options available to you in the cashier menu, or enter your own amount.

Remember that the minimum deposit at Punt Casino is $9. If you want to redeem a promotional offer, keep in mind that each promotion has its own minimum deposit amount.

Next, choose your crypto payment method. Here. you’ll obviously choose Ripple.
Once you’ve done this, click Deposit.

Copy and paste the crypto address that appears into your web wallet – or scan the QR code for quick access.

Complete the transaction within your web wallet by entering the amount that you have chosen in the Punt Cashier deposit window.

Once your transaction has been verified and approved, your funds will reflect within 15 minutes (or immediately).

Now that you’ve got a few bucks in your bank, it’s time to go wild – exploring the thousands of thoroughly absorbing games that Punt has on offer.

What are the best XRP casino games?

One of the wonderful things about XRP gambling is the sheer volume of exceptional games at your fingertips! At Punt Casino, for example, there are thousands of top titles to pick from, powered by the finest software developers the industry has to offer.

Play Now

These games include sensational slots that will keep you spinning and winning, and thrilling table games where you can finesse your skills and hone your strategy. Plus, win mega amounts when you try your hand at a progressive slot, or wind down after a long day with a simple game of keno. The options are endless when you’re playing at an XRP casino such as Punt.

Don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus, either! You’ll get a brilliant bonus boost: up to 6 BTC and $25 free chip.

Claim your Punt Casino welcome bonus.

Play at Punt

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