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3 steps are all you need to instantly bring the top online punt casino into your reach. Don't lose any more time when you could be winning the biggest international jackpots on over 200 online casino games. US players are welcome at our online casino!

Register a Player Account?

Play for Money Get full access to all games, exceptional support, services, bonuses and cash money jackpots.

Play for Fun, Try all our games for free and get comfortable with the on-screen navigation before depositing.

Making a Deposit

After registering a player account, visit the Cashier to make a secure deposit using the cryptocurrency of your choice and start playing to win Real Money riches.

Begin Playing

Once you have registered and made a deposit, play to win on more than 200 online casino games, each with their own unique symbols, bonus rounds and jackpots.

How to deposit Doge at Punt Casino.

Doge Casino USA: How to Deposit Doge to Play Online

November 18, 2022

Doge Casino USA: How to Deposit Doge to Play Online

November 18, 2022

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How to Deposit Doge at Punt Casino

The meme that rocked the crypto world and wagged its tail up the ranks to become one of the most popular gambling coins in existence – welcome to the top Doge casino, USA. If you want to start gambling with Dogecoin, you’re definitely barking up the right tree, because Punt Casino is about to set you up woof some top-notch Doge gambling entertainment.

What is Dogecoin all about and how can it be used for gambling online? We’re going to reveal it all, and how YOU can deposit Doge easily to play online casino games right here, at everyone’s favorite crypto casino.


What is Dogecoin all about?

Dogecoin (DOGE) is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market today, but its origin stems back to a peculiar internet meme that began trending in 2013. 

The meme, an inner monologue displaying an image of the famous Shiba Inu dog, became so popular that Doge creators Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer decided to coin the acclaim with a practical joke that is now a top-ranking crypto, and oh boy, did it take off.

Dogecoin meme featuring Shiba Inu dog with the phrase "to the moon".

“To the Moon”. A meme phrase that helped put Dogecoin on the map and now seen in what feels like billions of memes from around the world.

Speaking of billions, Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and one of the many celebrity endorsers of Dogecoin (even proclaimed the “Dogefather”), was a big driving force behind Doge’s success over the past years. He even pecked at the possibility of it being Mars’ native currency.

As for the crypto itself, the Dogecoin blockchain was forked from Lucky Coin – which was forked from Litecoin, and even markets itself as the “fun” version of Bitcoin. However, unlike Bitcoin, it is considered an inflationary coin, as there is no maximum supply of coins that can ever be mined. Using the coin to play at Doge casino US sites holds a few benefits too, so let’s check them out.


Why use Doge for gambling?

If you’re looking to play at a Doge deposit casino such as Punt, you’ll be happy to know that Dogecoin offers a few great benefits for online gambling, which are:

  1. Faster deposits and withdrawals – Dogecoin and other cryptos allow faster transaction speeds than fiat currencies, meaning you can deposit and withdraw at Doge-accepting casinos almost instantly.
  2. Cheaper fees on transactions – Cryptos offer lower fees on transactions than fiat currencies and Dogecoin transactions are even cheaper than both Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  3. Increased Security – Doge uses decentralized blockchain technology which is almost impossible to hack thanks to its widespread governance and complicated programming.
  4. Privacy – Unlike fiat casinos, crypto casinos that accept Doge won’t require much of your personal information to register. Also, your personal info is not tied to Doge transactions – only your numeric Doge deposit and receiving addresses are used.
  5. Doge casino bonuses – It’s no secret that crypto casinos generally offer bigger bonuses for players to take advantage of. The Welcome Package at Punt, for example, offers up to 6 BTC (or Doge equivalent) and a $25 Free Chip for all new players over the first 3 deposits.

Punt Casino’s Welcome Package offers up to 6 BTC in bonus funds and 100 free spins with the first 3 deposits.


How to Deposit Doge at Punt Casino

Depositing Doge to play online casino games at Punt is easy and can be done in just a few minutes, even if you don’t have an account, which will be your first step to gambling at a Doge deposit casino.


Create your Punt Casino account

To sign up, proceed to the Punt Casino lobby and click on the blue “Sign Up” button in the top right corner of the screen.

Punt Casino signup lobby.

You will then be presented with the following signup form. Simply insert your email address, create your password, and choose your native fiat currency from the list provided, before clicking “Sign up”.

Registration form at Punt Casino.

A second window will appear prompting you to verify your email address via a link or code sent to your mail. Open your inbox and find an email from “Inclave”. Follow the link within the mail, or copy the code and paste it into the field provided in the signup window.

Confirm email at Punt Casino.

And that’s it! Once your account is verified, you’re ready to make your first deposit at the best Doge casino USA, Punt. And remember, you’ll need to create a crypto wallet before you can deposit or withdraw, so make sure you have yours set up and ready to go. Now let’s get you topped up to play.


Making your first Doge deposit at Punt

Once you’ve logged into your new account, you’ll be taken straight to the Punt Casino promotions page. Click “Back to Games” to proceed to our games lobby, where all our best crypto casino games are showcased for your playing pleasure. 

You can browse the games and the rest of the site, or you can jump straight to making your first Doge deposit casino transaction by clicking the green “Cashier” button in the top right.

Punt Casino games lobby.

Congrats, you’ve taken your first step into the Punt Casino Cashier. This is where you’ll be claiming your bonuses, making deposits, viewing your history, and most importantly, requesting your withdrawals after scooping up those jackpots in our best Doge casino games on the menu. 

How to deposit doge at Punt Casino.

To deposit, insert your required deposit amount in fiat currency value (or pick from pre-selected amounts), choose Dogecoin as your deposit method from the list, and click “Deposit” to proceed to the next step.

A Dogecoin deposit address will appear, along with a downloadable QR code. You can use either method to make your deposit. Simply copy the code and paste it into your crypto wallet, or scan or download the code to use directly from your wallet when making the Doge deposit casino transaction.

Depositing Doge to play online casino games at Punt Casino.

Once your funds are sent, they will appear in your Punt account along with any bonus funds you have claimed within minutes, if not instantly. You can then start spinning and winning at the top Doge casino in the US, with almost every type of casino game you can think of at your disposal.

The Punt Casino games menu is filled with exciting slots and table games that can all be played using cryptocurrency.


Claiming Doge deposit casino bonuses at Punt

You can claim all your Punt Casino bonuses and promotional offers in the Cashier menu using bonus codes provided and the site and via email. Simply proceed to the Cashier menu, and insert your bonus code in the field provided in the “Coupons” sub-menu.

How to claim casino bonus coupons at Punt Casino.

Sign Up & Claim

All bonus offers are displayed in BTC, but if you claim them when depositing Doge or any other coins, you’ll get the equivalent amount in your chosen cryptocurrency. We have loads of epic bonuses and promotions available at Punt, so start taking advantage of them as soon as possible.


Play the best Doge casino games at Punt

As you can see, signing up and making your first deposit at the top Doge casino USA is simple and takes only a few minutes. You can then play any 1 of our mind-blowing casino games on the menu, and don’t forget to claim those bonuses. 

Find many more helpful guides, tips and tricks, and exclusive information on how to make the best of your Punt Casino experience, right here on our blog. But for now, that’s it from us. We hope your Doge gambling adventure at Punt is a fruitful one, so good luck.

Punt Casino games catalog

Are crypto faucets worth it? Find out at Punt Casino.

Are Crypto Faucets Worth It in 2022?

October 28, 2022

Are Crypto Faucets Worth It in 2022?

October 28, 2022

Blog » Posts tagged "Doge"

How to Use the Best Crypto Faucets in 2022 and Earn Free Bitcoin

Wait a second, free Bitcoin?! Yes, you heard it, free Bitcoin. 10 years ago, that statement would’ve fallen on deaf ears. But today, hearing “free Bitcoin” will have every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Sally scurrying to get a piece of the pie, with free crypto faucets serving them up fresh by the hour.

Crypto faucets are one of the easiest and most popular ways to get free crypto online for doing almost nothing – “almost nothing” being the key words there because when it comes to many of the crypto faucets 2022 has to offer, that’s pretty much what you can expect. 

However, it’s still free bitcoin, or other free cryptos, for that matter. And considering the fact that there are actually people out there earning Bitcoin for free on crypto faucet sites, it might be worth a look. Ready to open the tap and find out if crypto faucets really are worth the hype? Let’s start with the basics.


What is a crypto faucet?

If you have no idea what crypto faucets are, have never heard of them before, and are wondering which DIY or hardware stores you can buy them from, then don’t tap out just yet, because we’re about to explain.

Crypto faucets, as misleading as the name may be to crypto newcomers, are actually websites or a crypto faucet app where users can earn free bitcoin online, usually by completing easy tasks such as solving captchas, playing simple games, or watching short advertisements, among others, receiving a small amount of crypto in return.

However, as we all know, getting something for free usually sounds too good to be true, and it also begs the question: what do free crypto faucets get out of the deal, and how does this all work?


How do crypto faucets work?

Many crypto faucets in 2022 are pretty much ad sites, displaying various advertisements on the screen or requiring users to view videos and other ads in order to earn free crypto – ads that the crypto faucet sites get paid for with every clickthrough by users.

What this means is that crypto faucets generate an income through advertising, generating website traffic, or exposing its users to certain information, mostly related to crypto. This is how they fund the “free crypto” that is paid to users for completing the tasks.

The first free crypto faucet was launched in 2010 by a Bitcoin Core developer by the name of Gavin Andresen, who sought to create global awareness of Bitcoin by giving users the opportunity to earn 5 BTC for solving a simple captcha.

The first free bitcoin faucet offered 5 Bitcoins for just solving a simple captcha.

Today, that quick and easy 5 BTC payout would be worth just over $100,000 – can you imagine? But, as we all know, it’s not 2010 anymore, and 5 BTC doesn’t just fall into your lap in 2022 – unless you’re claiming the 6 BTC Welcome Package at Punt, that is.


Earn free crypto on the best crypto faucet sites

Using a crypto faucet is very easy, as all you’ll need to do is sign up for an account with whichever trusted crypto faucet app or site you decide to use (we’ll mention a few good ones shortly). 

In most cases, the crypto you can earn on free crypto faucets will be displayed in your account balance, and you’ll need to earn a certain amount before you can withdraw. 

Remember, you’ll be paid small amounts with each task you perform, as crypto faucets in 2022 pay in Satoshis (1 Bitcoin = 100 million Satoshi), so it might take a while before you can withdraw, depending on the faucet’s threshold and hourly payout amount.

Many of the best crypto faucet websites, such as the original, offer various ways to get bitcoin for free, as well as the opportunity to win some incredible prizes.

The Free Bitcoins website offers users the opportunity to earn free bitcoin in 2022.

After creating a crypto faucet account, you’ll have access to all the different ways to earn free Bitcoin or other cryptos with various menus and guides on the site or app on how to make the best use of a crypto faucet.

Let’s use one of the other top crypto faucets of 2022, Cointiply, as an example. Users can earn “Coins” by completing various daily tasks such as playing games, watching videos, referring other users, and completing surveys, among other ways of earning free crypto. 

The primary method of earning Coins is the Cointiply Faucet “Roll & Win”. Here, the user gets a lucky roll after solving a captcha for a chance to win various Coin jackpots for free, which can be done only once every hour. Most crypto faucets and sites have a similar mechanic for the primary faucet method of earning free crypto.

The Cointiply free crypto faucet in 2022.

“Coins” are the site’s native currency, and each Coin’s value is tied to the value of the US dollar – kind of like a stablecoin. With this site, in particular, you’ll need to earn a minimum of 50,000 coins before withdrawing Bitcoin in the equivalent US dollar value, or 30,000 coins for Dogecoin, Dashcoin, or Litecoin.

Once you’ve earned enough credits on whichever crypto faucet app or site you use and want to withdraw, you’ll need to provide your crypto wallet address for the payment to be made. If you don’t have a crypto wallet set up yet, we’ve got you covered on that front too with an all-inclusive guide for how to create a crypto wallet.


How to choose the best crypto faucet

Crypto faucets in 2022 may seem very similar to one another at first glance, but you’ll need to dig a little deeper to find the differences between them to decide which is the best crypto faucet for you to earn free crypto. Here’s what to look out for:


How frequently can you use the crypto faucet?

Almost every crypto faucet site where you can earn free crypto has a timer between claims – some sites require only five minutes, whereas others might have you waiting an hour before you can use the faucet again.

The Free Bitcoins website allows users to earn free crypto using a crypto faucet every hour.

The best crypto faucet app or websites will only require a short period of time before you can spin to win free crypto again, but you’ll also need to weigh up the amounts you can win with each roll when taking this point into consideration.


Withdrawal minimums and maximums

Most crypto faucets will only pay a few Satoshis, and in many cases, these will not be paid directly to your crypto wallet. As we mentioned, you’ll have an account balance on the site or app, and you’ll have to reach the crypto faucet’s cashout threshold before you can withdraw. The best crypto faucet sites and apps will have smaller withdrawal limits.


Withdrawal methods and accepted cryptos

Although most crypto faucets will allow you to withdraw funds directly into your crypto wallet when you’ve accumulated enough credits, some may offer different payment methods which might not be as easy. Take the withdrawal methods into account when choosing a crypto faucet app or website to use.

Another important thing to consider is the different cryptos available to earn for free with crypto faucets in 2022. Of course, you want to earn cryptos that actually have value and are fairly prominent in the crypto space – avoid those shitcoins as best you can

The Final Autoclaim crypto faucet, for example, allows users to claim up to 73 different coins automatically, all at once, on the same page.

The Final Autoclaim crypto faucet from Dutchycorp offers users the chance to earn 73 cryptocurrencies for free using a crypto faucet on the site.


How many ways can you earn crypto in the free crypto faucet?

Free crypto faucets might not always offer as many ways to earn crypto as some paid-subscription sites out there, but you will certainly find a crypto faucet app or an online site quite easily that offers many ways to earn Bitcoin for free. Research is key, especially when you want to find a crypto faucet that is worth your time and effort, as minimal as it may be.


Can you make a profit from crypto faucets?

It depends. Have you got the time to log in, watch advertisements, solve captchas, play mini-games, or complete surveys every few minutes for the entire day? The truth is, crypto faucets do offer the opportunity to earn free crypto, but it does take time and effort.

The problem with many crypto faucet users is that they don’t have the stamina to complete enough tasks to earn enough crypto and reach the cashout minimums. Many lose interest, give up, or simply just forget that they’ve signed up with crypto faucet sites in the first place, and never get to the point where they can actually withdraw free crypto.

Since it doesn’t really cost you anything to sign up and use free crypto faucets, then yes, you can certainly make a profit. But reaching the point where you can actually cash out free crypto is another story. But hey, you can always find a crypto faucet app or site with a low withdrawal minimum, earn free crypto, and come multiply your money in over 1,000 casino games at Punt!

Games available to play using crypto at Punt Casino.

More Games


Explore the world of crypto with Punt Casino!

If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrencies and you’re looking to explore, crypto faucets in 2022 are a good option if you want to earn crypto for free and discover what digital currencies are all about. 

As the fastest-rising crypto casino in the world, Punt offers many ways to learn about crypto with loads of crypto guides and information packed into our site, so if you’re looking to learn, our blog is a great place to start – not to mention our five-star selection of crypto-friendly games that could see your crypto faucet earnings turn to jackpot payouts with a click of a button.

Punt Casino games catalog

Claim your welcome bonus at Punt Casino.

The Easiest Way to Claim Your Punt Casino Welcome Bonus

October 25, 2022

The Easiest Way to Claim Your Punt Casino Welcome Bonus

October 25, 2022

Blog » Posts tagged "Doge"

Punt Casino’s Welcome Bonus – The Quickest Way to Kickstart the Fun

One of the perks of playing at an online casino such as Punt is the epic bonuses you’re guaranteed to receive. The first of which: an incredible casino welcome bonus! All new players at Punt Casino automatically qualify for a casino welcome bonus of up to 6 BTC and $25 Free Chip.

Punt Casino hero image.

Use this bonus to explore the thousands of casino games at your disposal. These include a range of the finest crypto slots, table games, progressives, video poker, and more!

Our games are powered by the finest software providers in the industry – which means that you’ll not only benefit from fabulous promotional offers, you’ll be winning from the incredible bonus features in our providers’ slots, too.

But before you can get your hands on these dazzling rewards, starting with your welcome offer, you’ll need to follow a few steps first. Let’s get started!

How to claim your casino welcome bonus

Step 1: Log in (or sign up)

New to Punt Casino? Welcome! We’re thrilled to have you. Create your account now – it only takes a few seconds, and we require very little information from you to get started.

How to sign up at Punt Casino

  • Click Sign Up in the top right-hand corner
  • Enter your email address, Punt username, and preferred currency
  • Click on Sign Up

If you already have an account, simply log in.

Register an account at Punt Casino.

Create Account

Step 2: Redeem your coupon

Once you log in / sign up, you’ll be redirected to the Punt lobby. This is where you can get started claiming your welcome bonus!

There are two ways to claim your welcome bonus in the Punt lobby:

  • Directly through the cashier
  • By clicking on the promotional banner

Claiming your welcome bonus directly through the cashier:

  • To get started, click on Cashier
  • Next, click on Coupons
  • You’ll see that there are a bunch of promotional offers available on the coupons page. Click on Redeem on the welcome offer promotion banner
  • A pop-up will appear, containing the details of your welcome offer, which includes the minimum deposit requirement ($9)

Click Redeem in the cashier.

Once you’ve redeemed your coupon, you’ll be redirected to a page where you will see the following:

Click on deposit once you've redeemed your coupon.

  • Click on Deposit

Step 3: make a deposit

Depositing into your Punt Casino account is really easy! We’ve put together a bunch of resources for you should you need the help. Read this guide for help on setting up a crypto web wallet, as well as how to deposit and withdraw. We’ve also written a blog on how to make a bitcoin deposit in 6 easy steps – give it a read!

Remember, before you can make a deposit, you’ll need to create a bitcoin wallet (if you don’t have one already). Find out how to do this here.

Getting started:

  • Deposit into your Punt casino account from your bitcoin wallet

Click on deposit as your next step.

  • A QR code will pop up, and a Crypto Address will be displayed. Copy the Crypto Address

Copy the web wallet address.

  • Copy this address into your web wallet and follow the prompts within your web wallet
  • Once your deposit has been approved and verified, your welcome bonus will be active!

Start playing!

Now that your welcome bonus has been activated, the real fun begins!

What’s in the fine print?

There are a few nitty-gritty details that you need to be aware of when you claim your welcome bonus:

  • Your welcome bonus comes with 40x wagering requirements. Not sure what wagering requirements are? Find out here.
  • You are required to make a minimum deposit of $9 in order to claim the welcome bonus
  • Your $25 Free Chip also contains 40x wagering requirements, and comes with a maximum cashout of $100. This can only be redeemed after you have made your deposit.

In a rush? Use the quick-deposit method

At Punt Casino, we love to make your life easier. That’s why we’ve added the quick-deposit box on our homepage! Simply enter your deposit amount, your preferred currency, and your deposit method. You can then create an account AND claim your welcome bonus simultaneously using this method!

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