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How to Buy and Deposit Crypto at Punt With Changelly

March 16, 2023

How to Buy and Deposit Crypto at Punt With Changelly

March 16, 2023

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Changelly – The New Onboard Crypto Exchange for Seamless Deposits at Punt

We’ve changed the game yet again, and this time, with an onboard crypto exchange where you can buy crypto with a credit card, deposit, and play instantly at Punt Casino.

Say hello to Changelly – your ticket to instant deposits with no hassle, no fuss, just a quick exchange between you, and us (and Changelly ?).


What is Changelly?

Changelly is the future of crypto casino banking. It is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange that acts as an intermediary between top crypto exchanges and the user. Changelly allows you to buy crypto online using a credit card, with over 500+ cryptocurrencies available at some of the best rates the market has to offer.

Changelly crypto exchange to buy crypto online.

Changelly aims to create a seamless and effortless way for users to purchase crypto online – cutting out the need to register with various crypto exchanges and putting all you need in 1 place. And now, this exciting crypto casino exchange can help YOU take advantage of all the benefits of bitcoin gambling at Punt, and it’s super easy to use.


How to buy crypto using Changelly at Punt Casino

If you don’t want to use the regular crypto deposit option at Punt, then using Changelly to buy cryptocurrency with a credit card is the answer. The option is located in the Cashier menu when making your deposit. All you need to do is select your deposit amount and choose Changelly as your deposit method before proceeding.

Using Chnagelly crypto exchange as a deposit method for online gambling at Punt Casino.

Deposit Now

Once you’ve selected Changely as your deposit option and chosen your preferred deposit amount, a new window will pop up to confirm your crypto purchase amount in your native currency, along with the BTC value you will receive in your Punt Casino account. 

You can also view the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy before agreeing to them by ticking the box provided. Click “Exchange” to proceed with buying crypto for gambling online with Changelly.

Depositing crypto using Changelly at Punt Casino.

A crypto deposit address linked to your Punt Casino account will then automatically be generated. DO NOT change this address in any way. Simply click “Continue” to proceed to the next step.

Example of a bitcoin deposit address.


Check out with MoonPay

A window will then pop up with a message to redirect to the MoonPay site (linked to Changelly) or to start a new transaction. If you have entered all your details to buy crypto using Changelly correctly, click on the redirect button and you’ll be taken straight to MoonPay to complete your card-to-crypto transaction.

Here, you will be required to provide your email address for verification before clicking ‘Continue”.

Using MoonPay to buy crypto online.

Now it’s time to check your inbox for a verification code sent from MoonPay. Copy the code and paste it into the field provided to continue to buy crypto casino credit using Changelly.

MoonPay verification code for buying crypto online.

Once your code is inserted and you’ve agreed to the terms and conditions for MoonPay, click “Continue”. You’ll need to choose whether you want to use a debit card to buy cryptocurrency for online gambling or link your bank account to your MoonPay profile.

Buying crypto using MoonPay allows you to use a credit card or link your bank account.

After selecting “Debit card” as your payment method, you’ll be required to enter a few basic details. This is to protect you and your funds from fraudulent activity when buying your coins. These details will be saved so you won’t have to add them every time you use this crypto exchange casino feature at Punt. Plus, there is very little info required – bonus!

Verifying details to set up an account with MoonPay.

Deposit Now

After entering a few of your basic details, you’ll be asked to insert your credit or debit card details to proceed. Once that’s done, follow the few remaining prompts and you can start playing casino games within minutes as you’ll have a topped-up Punt Casino account – voila!


What are the benefits of using Changelly to buy crypto?

If you’re looking to streamline your deposits with the easiest way to buy crypto using a credit card, then look no further than Changelly at Punt. This will cut out the need to register with various crypto exchanges and look for the best exchange rates on the web, as Changelly does this for you.

All you need to do is follow the steps above and you can benefit in various ways, including:


Benefits of Changelly:

  • A choice from a wide range of cryptocurrencies (over 500+)
  • Low card-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto exchange fees
  • The service integrates with various wallets (including your Punt Casino account)
  • Very little personal info required
  • No need to register with various crypto exchanges to find the best rates
  • It’s easy to use and can have you gambling with crypto in minutes!

On top of this, you still get UP TO 15% CASHBACK ON ALL DAILY DEPOSITS at Punt.

Get up to 15% cashback on all daily deposits at Punt Casino.


Choose Changelly for easy card-to-crypto deposits today!

As you can see, buying crypto using a credit card with Changelly for online gambling is very simple at Punt. Not only will you benefit from some of the best exchange rates you will find, but you’ll also have your deposits added to your account much faster.

And don’t forget, you can still claim Punt Casino bonuses and promotions when using Changelly to make your deposit. Just claim the relevant bonus code in the Cashier menu under Coupons and make sure you buy crypto in the required amount for claiming the bonus.

Bonuses and promotions at Punt Casino.

That’s it for now. Enjoy this stylish new feature at Punt. And remember to look out for more exciting features and crypto casino news – we’ll keep changing the game for the better as long as you’re playing it!

Casino games catalog at Punt Casino.

Learn how to use blackjack basic strategy on the Punt Casino blog.

How to Use Blackjack Basic Strategy

March 14, 2023

How to Use Blackjack Basic Strategy

March 14, 2023

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Blackjack Basic Strategy Explained

Blackjack, as many will know, is a game where decisions need to be made, and using Blackjack Basic Strategy can be a game-changer for those looking to unwrap the secrets of this game. Why? Because apart from the obvious decisions of how much you want to bet and how many boxes on a blackjack table you want to play, the game requires other choices to be made when it comes to drawing or refusing more cards.

But, how do you know if you’re making the right decisions? Is there even such a thing as the right or wrong decision in blackjack? And if so, can you really increase your chances of winning by making the right decisions?

Yes, you can. And using Basic Strategy for blackjack is how to do it. Today, we’re giving you the full scoop on the blackjack rules for Basic Strategy and how to apply them – plus a downloadable blackjack strategy card! If you’re a seasoned blackjack player or even just getting started with blackjack, this Blackjack Basic Strategy guide has you covered.


What is “Basic Strategy” for Blackjack?

Let’s get 1 thing straight before we start – “Blackjack Basic Strategy” does not mean using just any blackjack strategy that may seem basic. It refers to a specific set of blackjack rules that are applied when making decisions on whether or not to pull another card or to refuse one.

Playing blackjack on a blackjack table.

You see, blackjack requires the player to make decisions on pulling more cards after being dealt the initial 2 cards for the hand. Of course, exceeding the total of 21 results in a bust where you lose your bet, so you want to get as close to this total without going over and still beat the dealer.

Basic Strategy is a formula that gives you the best mathematical odds of winning in the long run. The strategy is based on statistics and the probable outcome of each round should you pull another card, or refuse one. 

Of course, this strategy does not guarantee a win (no casino game strategy can), but it is still the best way to play blackjack and can be extremely rewarding and satisfactory when followed correctly.

Borat gif.

Using a Blackjack Basic Strategy guide or card can also lower the house edge. Usually, a blackjack game offers a house edge of around 2% to 2.5%. However, a 0.5% house advantage can be achieved when using Basic Strategy for blackjack


How to use Blackjack Basic Strategy

There aren’t really any steps to using Basic Strategy when it comes to blackjack. The strategy is more of a guide on whether or not pulling another card is a good option. The best way to learn how to use Basic Strategy for blackjack is to get your hands on a blackjack strategy card or chart and follow the prompts.

Here is an example of a great Blackjack Basic Strategy card from Punt. It displays each move you should make using Basic Strategy for each scenario depending on what the dealer’s face-up card is showing. You can also view and download the blackjack strategy card in the link below.

Blackjack Basic Strategy chart.

View & Download PDF ⇩

This blackjack chart shows you when the best time is to make your move according to what the dealer’s face-up card is, which is displayed in the top row. It also shows you when to double down in blackjack for the best results, and when to split double cards according to the rules.

Learning Basic Strategy for blackjack is very easy and using this strategy enough times will allow you to memorize the guide and play without using the card in no time. Many seasoned players have memorized these moves which gives them a special intuition when playing the game.

Always remember that an Ace counts for either 1 or 11 and the dealer’s face-up card is very important when making your move. Try and take advantage of the double-down option whenever you can as per the blackjack card, as it also plays a big part in the blackjack rules for basic strategy.


Best blackjack games for using Basic Strategy

If you’re looking for the best games to use Basic Strategy, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. Most blackjack games can be played using Basic Strategy, but remember that blackjack with bonus side bets may affect your strategy – if you’re playing them, that is.

You can whip out Basic Strategy for blackjack at Punt in some of the best blackjack games you will find online, including 21 Burn Blackjack from Betsoft, Blackjack VIP from RedRake, Blackjack from Reevo, European Blackjack from Betsoft, Blackjack from Dragon Gaming, and many more.

Blackjack games that can be played using cryptocurrency at Punt Casino.

More Games

Once you’ve played a few rounds using Basic Strategy, you’ll start understanding the game a lot better, and hey, who knows, you might even go pro. Stick to the Blackjack chart and your game should improve in a very big way.


Get the full Punt Casino experience today

Yes, you can find many different blackjack games online, but it’s not just about the games – it’s about the full experience! At Punt Casino, not only can you play some of the best blackjack games ever made, but you can also take advantage of all the benefits of gambling with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Accepted cryptocurrencies at Punt Casino.

Bit not only that. Punt Casino players get up to 15% CASHBACK ON ALL DAILY DEPOSITS as part of our Rewards Club Benefits program. This means you can go all out in your favorite games, and still receive cash back on each deposit – it’s magic!

Get up to 15% cashback on all daily deposits at Punt Casino.

We also love to keep our players informed and kitted out to make the best of their gaming experience at Punt by including a crypto gambling guide and helpful articles on our blog about playing at a bitcoin casino.

And when it comes to bonuses and promotions, you better know we’ve got the goods. Visit our promotions page today and check out the hottest offers at Punt – including tournaments, deposit bonuses, free chips, bonus spins, and more.

Bonuses and promotions at Punt Casino.

View All

We’ve also introduced a brand-new feature – an onboard crypto exchange where you can purchase your crypto directly on our site using Changelly. No more hassle, no more fuss, Punt has taken online gambling to the next level with many more exciting features to look out for, so start exploring now!

Casino games catalog at Punt Casino.

Your Foolproof Guide To Getting Started At An Online Casino

March 10, 2023

Your Foolproof Guide To Getting Started At An Online Casino

March 10, 2023

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Online Casino Basics: Your Step By Step Guide On Getting Started

Getting started at an online casino is a thrilling experience. And it’s really easy if you know what you’re doing.

First things first, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve chosen a safe and reputable online casino. From there, the rest is a breeze. We’ll guide you through the steps on starting your online casino journey – let’s jump right in ?


Familiarise Yourself With The Crypto Basics

Cryptos offer higher levels of security than traditional currencies, which is one of the many reasons why they are so popular. Lower fees, complete privacy, and lightning-fast transactions are just some of the advantages that crypto offers. 

If you’re a complete crypto novice, the idea of using crypto may seem daunting. But it’s actually super easy, and can be a lot of fun once you’re fully into it!

When it comes to getting started with crypto, there are a few basics to consider, such as: 


Always do your research first

Luckily for you, we’ve done most of the work so that you don’t have to. Read this blog on getting started with crypto, including what steps to take when it comes to finding out as much as you can. You’ll be a pro in no time.


Keep your eye on crypto news and trends 

We’ve got you covered on this one, too. We frequently blog about crypto happenings – so make sure to stay in the loop. You can also use handy crypto forums such as to stay in-the-know.


Know about the best (and worst) cryptos to gamble with 

One of the harder parts of gambling with crypto is deciding which coin you want to gamble with. This is why having an overview of the best (and worst) cryptocurrencies for gambling is so helpful. We’ve put together a list of the best, and worst, cryptos to gamble with at an online casino right here.


Set Up A Crypto Wallet To Store Your Funds 

When playing at a crypto casino such as Punt, you’ll need a trusted crypto wallet to deposit your bitcoin and store your funds after cashing out your winnings. 

Not sure how to go about creating a crypto wallet? We’ve covered everything you need to know on setting one up right here. You’ll also get advice on the best crypto wallet to use at an online casino, as well as how to use your crypto wallet once it’s been set up. 


Find A Trusted Crypto Exchange

Read this comprehensive Bitcoin guide for details on how to create a wallet with Coinbase, a trusted and secure cryptocurrency exchange. You can use Coinbase to buy, sell, store and transfer crypto.

If you’re a crypto newbie, make sure to familiarise yourself with the dos and don’ts of using a safe crypto exchange.


Now The Real Fun Begins: Create Your Casino Account 

This one is obvious, but in order to play at an online casino, you’ll first need to create an account.

At Punt, this step is super simple, and will take less than a minute. We’ll only ask for a few details to get you started. 

Registration form at Punt Casino.

Sign Up Now

As soon as you’ve created your Punt player account, the real fun begins!

For a step by step guide on creating your account, read this blog.


Choose Your Deposit Method And Fund Your Account 

Ooh, this is where things start to get really exciting! Now that you’ve created your account, you’re ready to take the next step on your Punt casino journey.

Depositing using any of Punt’s accepted cryptos can be done in mere seconds. Find out how to get started using any one of our crypto deposit guides. We’ve covered every crypto available, so no matter which method you choose to fund your account, you’re totally covered!

Most online casinos offer a variety of payment options for you, making it easier to pay with your preferred banking option. 

At Punt, we offer the following popular crypto deposit methods, which you can use to fund your bank account with instantly:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)

What’s more – withdrawals are processed with lightning-speed.

Playing with Bitcoin? Get started with this Bitcoin deposit guide


Boost Your Bankroll: Take Up Your Welcome Offer 

Deposit Now

Most online casinos offer a welcome bonus to entice and excite. Punt Casino is no different. All first-time depositors at Punt Casino are treated to a whopping welcome offer: a 150% match and 150 Free Spins on Reevo’s epic slot, Gods vs Titans.


Familiarise Yourself With Online Casino Promotions

Your welcome offer is just the start. Most online casinos offer daily casino promotions. Take Punt for example – every day that you play, you are guaranteed to have a bonus waiting for you. This could be in the form of a deposit match bonus, free spins, free chip, cashback, and even real world prizes.

Bonuses and promotions at Punt Casino.

View All


Take Advantage Of Casino Rewards Programmes 

Online casinos love to reward loyalty. It’s a casino’s way of thanking you for playing – and incentivising you to continue to play more.  

Punt Casino, for example, offers a Punt Casino Rewards Club, which you’ll instantly become a member of as soon as you’ve signed up. 

Every single day that you play, you’ll be spoiled with up to 15% cashback. Your 15% cashback will automatically be credited to your account within 24 hours after your first deposit. This means the more you deposit, the more you’ll get back. Read more about Punt’s Casino Rewards here.


Start Playing Online Casino Games 

This is a no-brainer. You’re not at an online casino for the sake of it – you’re there to win big on their games!

Looking for real money slots to win on? We have thousands of them! What are you in the mood for? New slots with innovative features? High RTP slots that are just waiting to pay out? Themed slots to add a bit of variety to your day? Whatever it is you’re looking for – Punt has it.

Some of the top slot games at Punt Casino.

More Games

What’s more, we’re constantly adding new titles to our already extensive portfolio. That means that not only do you get to indulge in the finest slot varieties, you also get to indulge in the latest and greatest additions by our top-class providers on the regular.


Don’t miss out on the hottest slots at Punt

Stay in the loop with the most popular casino games at Punt Casino – we cover the top titles weekly.

Sign Up

Casino games catalog at Punt Casino.

Will the Labouchere Betting System Land You a Roulette Win?

Will the Labouchere Betting System Land You a Roulette Win?

March 9, 2023

Will the Labouchere Betting System Land You a Roulette Win?

March 9, 2023

Blog » Posts tagged "casino tips"

Using the Labouchere Roulette Strategy to Play Roulette Online

We’ve come out with a few great roulette strategies on our blog. But today, we’re giving you the full scoop on using one of our favorites – the Labouchere roulette betting system. Yes, another French name to add to the list. But hey, it might just add that certain je ne sais quoi you’re looking for when playing roulette online.

So, what is the Labouchere system, how does it work, and can it really help you master the game of roulette? Let’s check it out.


What is the Labouchere betting system in roulette?

The Labouchere method, also known as the “Cancellation System” or “Split Martingale Strategy”, is one of the few roulette strategies where the player decides how much they would like to win, before actually placing any bets.

And if you were wondering if this roulette strategy is indeed French, it would be a great guess, but you’d be wrong. The Labouchere betting system is actually named after an English politician, writer, and obviously a gambler, Henry Du Pré Labouchère.

A cartoon depiction of Henry Labouchere.

As mentioned, using the Labouchere roulette system requires the player to first choose how much they would like to win. A sequence of bets is then devised in order to reach the goal. As a cancellation system, the Labouchere strategy is a step-by-step roulette strategy with betting done in stages, canceling out each stage as you go.

Let’s take a look at the Labouchere betting system in a little more detail.


How to use the Labouchere roulette strategy

The Labouchere method is very easy to use and understand. Just bear in mind that you will need paper and a pen to plot out your betting sequence. We do, however, find ourselves in the 21st Century. So, using a mobile phone is perfectly fine – no need for parchment and a quill, like in the not-so-good ol’ days of Henry Labouchere.

It is also important to remember that the Labouchere betting system is used on the outside betting positions on a roulette table. They are also known as “Even Chances”. These are betting positions that offer winning odds of almost 50/50. 

Here’s an example seen in one of our best online roulette games at Punt, European Roulette from Betsoft.

Even Chances roulette bets shown in European Roulette from Betsoft.

Play Now


Getting started with the Labouchere betting system

First, you need to decide how much you want to win. It’s important to be realistic here, as the size of your bankroll plays a very big part. Let’s say, for example, you’re aiming for a $100 win. The traditional Labouchere strategy requires you to divide this goal into 10 smaller values. This means you’ll divide $100 by 10, giving you a sequence of ten $10 bets, as follows:

$10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10

The next step for using the Labouchere roulette system is working out your bet for the first spin. This is done by combining the first and last values in the sequence. Using the example above, we’ll be adding $10 (first value) and $10 (last value) together, giving us a total of $20.

$10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10

This means your bet for the first spin will be $20 (sing this example). If you win the round, you’ll work your way toward the center of your sequence by combining the next 2 numbers on either side for your second bet.

$10$10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10$10

According to the sequence we’ve chosen for the example, you’ll be betting another $20. And remember, you’re already up $20 after the first win. If you manage to work your way through the entire sequence by winning every round, you will have doubled your money. 

But what happens if you lose a round?

Let’s start the sequence over with a loss on the first spin using the Labouchere betting system. If you had bet $20 and lost, you will then add $20 at the end of the sequence. Start over again with a new bet comprised of the $10 value at the beginning of the sequence, and the newly-added $20 at the end.

$10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $20

As you can see (you don’t need to be a math whizz to get it), this will give you a total bet of $30 for the next spin. If you win, you’ll work your way toward the center of your sequence again by combining the next 2 numbers on either side for your second bet.

$10$10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10 – $10$20

Once again, we’re back to a $20 bet. But, as we mentioned, it is important to take the size of your bankroll into consideration. And of course, the size of each denomination in your sequence is also important. 

After a few losing rounds using the Labouchere strategy, bets can get rather expensive. So, if you’re a beginner at using the Labouchere roulette system, it’s always best to start with smaller denominations.

You also don’t really need to divide your expected win by 10. Let’s use the $100 expected win as an example again. However, this time, we’re dividing it into different values.

$20 – $15 – $5 – $10 – $10 – $5 – $15 – $20

Here, we’ve shortened the sequence to only 8 values instead of 10. You will notice that if you win all rounds in this sequence, you will have also doubled your money using the Labouchere betting system

You can play around with this as much as you like, and even divide your expected win into as many different values as you like. This allows you to strategize using the Labouchere method for roulette in many different ways.


Advantages of using the Labouchere method in roulette

  • The steps are easy to understand and follow.
  • You will need to win only 1 third of the time to maintain a healthy betting sequence without your bet for each round inflating too much when using the Labouchere roulette strategy. This is because you will be adding only 1 value to your sequence with every loss, and cancel out 2 values with every win.
  • The Labouchere strategy is very flexible compared to some other roulette strategies, as you can decide on the length of your sequence, your expected win at the end, and your bet denomination for each round.
  • Finally, the betting progression in the Labouchere betting system after each loss is not as drastic as some other roulette strategies such as the Martingale roulette strategy, where you’ll need to double the size of your bet after every loss.


Is the Labouchere strategy a good choice for beginners?

The Labouchere roulette strategy is one of the best roulette strategies for beginners, as it is easy to understand and implement. It’s also a great option if you’re a roulette newbie. It can really give you some great insight into the game itself. 

It also offers a little less risk than some of the bolder roulette strategies out there and can be a little easier on your bankroll than most. And to top it off, the Labouchere method for roulette can be applied in most, if not all online roulette games.

If you’re looking to try out the Labouchere system in a fair and quality online roulette game, you’ll be happy to know we have loads of them on the menu at Punt. 

You can use the Labouchere technique in popular roulette games such as European Roulette from RedRake, Neon Roulette from Fugaso, American Roulette from Dragon Gaming, European Roulette from Reevo, and many, many more.

Online roulette games at Punt Casino.

More Games

But that’s not all. Because the Labouchere roulette system focuses on even-money bets, it can also be applied in a number of other casino games too, such as blackjack, craps, and even baccarat.

Let’s recap the Labouchere system one more time.


Easy steps for the Labouchere betting system in roulette

  • To start using the Labouchere method for roulette, first choose your desired win. This refers to what you expect to win at the end of your session.
  • Work out your sequence of bets by dividing your expected win by 10, or however many values you’d like in your sequence. As long as your sequence totals the value of your desired win, the Labouchere roulette strategy should run smoothly.
  • To work out the value of your first bet using the Labouchere system, add the first and last value in your betting sequence together.
  • If you win, cancel out the first and last values in your sequence. Then, combine the next 2 values in your sequence moving inward.
  • If you lose a round, add the total bet for that round to the end of your sequence. Add this value to the first on the sequence for a new total bet.
  • Continue using this method for the Labouchere system in roulette until all values in your sequence have been eliminated.


Master the Labouchere today!

What can we say – at Punt Casino, you can learn something new every day. By now you should have a great understanding of the Labouchere roulette strategy and how to implement it when playing roulette online. 

And don’t forget, Punt is a full-on crypto casino where you can take advantage of all the benefits of bitcoin gambling and other popular coins, such as gambling with Litecoin, Tether, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and many more.

Learn how to start with crypto gambling today and all these benefits are yours. Plus, there’s a whole lot more coming your way very soon. But for now, hit up those roulette games we mentioned and rock the Labouchere strategy today for a few quick double-your-moneys at Punt.

Big Win! Golden Sheila and Treasure Bowl Pay Out A Whopping $20k+

February 28, 2023

Big Win! Golden Sheila and Treasure Bowl Pay Out A Whopping $20k+

February 28, 2023

Blog » Posts tagged "casino tips"

Another Big Win To Make Your Head Spin: $21,085 Payout to 2 Punters


Another week, more head-spinning big wins to celebrate! YEEHAW!

Jason S won $4,060.36 on KA-Gaming’s Treasure Bowl, while Reevo’s Golden Sheila paid out a stunning $9,750 and $7,275 to Steph M and George L, respectively.

We absolutely live for these blog posts. We love nothing more than putting Punt players’ names in the spotlight – they deserve all the praise they can get. Big wins are hella exciting, after all!

Even more thrilling than this, is the very real prospect of you becoming the next big winner. All you need to do to stand a chance of landing your big win is to play at Punt – it’s that simple. Need guidance on how to start playing in crypto? We’ve got you.

Play To Win

Amped to land that life-changing payout of your own? Well, you should be! Let’s take a look at these 2 sensational winning slots, starting with Reevo’s Golden Sheila.


Reevo’s Golden Sheila – Winning Slot #1

Reevo is certainly doing big things lately. Not only are they releasing new slots like there’s no tomorrow, they’re also paying out the big bucks!

Let’s take a look at their payout-pumping slot, Golden Sheila.

Play Now

Let’s delve into some of the incredible, show-stopping features that will have you winning plenty in no time:


Trigger free spins for more wins

Triggering the free spins feature in this adventurous slot is a breeze. Simply line up 5 scatters, and you’ll be awarded with a free game bonus. You’ll instantly activate 15 free spins, along with a payout of 5x your bet.

If you collect an additional 5 scatters during the free spins round, you’ll get another 5 free spins – that’s another YEEHAW!


Multipliers – win up to 50x on each spin

Whoa, the potential for payouts is so bright, it’s almost blinding. You can rake in those bigger, bulkier wins when you trigger the free spins feature, and it’s easier than you may think. Manage this, and you might just land a whopping multiplier of up to 50x on each and every spin.

Play Now

It gets better: land a cascade win, and you’ll increase the multiplier level for the subsequent cascade.

Each cascade win will increase the game’s multiplier amount, with the following multiplier amounts possible: 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 7x, 10x, 15x, 20x, and a the golden prize – a multiplier of 50x.


Stack wins on wins with walking wilds

The stacked walking wild can be triggered randomly in the base game, adding even more layers to your win potential. During the free spins round, the stacked wilds will appear to give you an added advantage at reeling in more of those magical payouts.


KA Gaming’s Treasure Bowl – Winning Slot # 2

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This 243 ways-to-win slot is aptly named, and one player stuck their entire hand in the treasure bowl this week – good on you, Jason!

This KA-Gaming slot is relatively simple, and offers a more than decent RTP of 96%. With a max win of 2,762x, it’s not exactly the highest-paying slot at Punt. Buuut, given that it paid out an ample $4,060.36 to one lucky player, we’re willing to bet that it’s just getting warmed up.


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High RTP Slots: BetSoft Takes The Cake

February 20, 2023

High RTP Slots: BetSoft Takes The Cake

February 20, 2023

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High RTP Slots: What’s All The Fuss About?

At Punt, some of our highest RTP slots are from the immensely popular provider, BetSoft. As such, we’ve compiled a list of the highest RTP BetSoft slots for you to play right now.


High RTP slots from BetSoft:

  • After Night Falls – 97.3% RTP
  • Lucky 7 – 97% RTP
  • Mr Macau – 97.1% RTP
  • Back to Venus – 97% RTP
  • Jungle Stripes 97% RTP

But first…


What About High RTP Slots From Other Providers?

Keen to know what other high RTP slots we offer from our other kick-ass providers? Then take a look here. You’ll find a variety of themes, betting types, and bonus features in each, and they’re all incredibly immersive, too.


Some of these high RTP slots include:

  • Reevo’s Spartan Shield: RTP 97.3%
  • Fugaso’s Neon Roulette: RTP 97.3%
  • Spribe’s Aviator: RTP 97%
  • Tom Horn’s 243 Crystal Fruits: RTP 96.5%
  • Dragon Gaming’s Aztec Warrior: RTP 96.5%
  • Fugaso’s The Mummy Win Hunters Epicways: RTP 95.82%

Have no clue what RTP means? Let’s give you a quick rundown then ?


RTP: What is it?

Acronyms, UGH. Like, just say what you want to say, you know?!

Anyway. RTP stands for Return To Player. In essence, the Return To Player (RTP) percentage is a theoretical return percentage on a specific slot.

Every slot has an RTP – and it indicates how much the game can be expected to give back to players, based on its average payout over time.

What does that mean for you?

It’s simple: the higher a slot’s RTP, the more likely you are to get a payout.

So, if your aim is to win when playing online slots, you’ll naturally want to pick those high RTP slots, because your likelihood of winning is much higher.

You can find out everything you want to know about RTP and what it means here.


BetSoft slots with a high RTP in 2022

Let’s jump straight into the BetSoft slots with the highest RTPs ?


After Night Falls from Betsoft – 97.3% RTP

This is BetSoft’s highest RTP slot, and it’s available right here at Punt Casino!

The story chronicles a cat burglar who is being hunted by the determined Detective Rousseau. With an abundance of generous features, it’s no wonder this is at the top of the high RTP slots list.


Free Spins Scatter

You’ll be taken to the detective’s office, where Free Spins with multipliers are just waiting to boost your bankroll – with a multiplier of up to 10x possible during the free spins round.


Moving Wilds

The magnifying glass (present on any reel) activates the Moving Wild. This works to give you an extra shot at free spins.


Click Me Feature

When 3 or more Criminal symbols appear on the reels, you’ll activate the Click Me feature. Here, you are required to continue clicking on the doors until the Collect symbol is displayed, which will add to your overall win amount.


Double Up

Keen to double your win? Then make the most of the Double Up feature. Here, you choose between heads or tails. If you guess correctly, your wins will be doubled!


Bonus Round

When three Granny symbols appear, you’ll activate the Bonus Round. The dastardly cat burglar has broken into her home and has looted her belongings. The more of them you find, the higher your reward.


Watch the slot trailer here:

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Lucky 7 slot from Betsoft – 97% RTP

This slot is slightly different from the rest of BetSoft’s offering, and provides super simple mechanics. Comprising 3 reels on a single line, the slot is stripped of fancy features, but doesn’t skimp on win potential – with a staggering win of up to 12,000 per game round possible.

This slot offers the perfect traditional Vegas experience. If that’s what you’re after, then play it right now.


Watch the slot trailer here:

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Mr Macau slot from Betsoft – 97.1% RTP

Enjoy a night on the town in this glamorous Vegas-themed slot. Generous features include:


Sticky Wilds

Stuck on a spin with no win? Mr Macau can’t have that! A random symbol could become sticky, awarding a respin with a possible win.


Mr Macau’s Wild Boost

Sticky Wilds are clearly a feature fave in this slot. For each non-winning spin, there’s a chance of sticky wilds appearing when the border around the reels lights up.


Triple 7 Free Spins

The triple 7 symbol is exactly what you want to see – each time it appears, you’ll be awarded free spins.


Watch the slot trailer here:

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Back to Venus slot from Betsoft – 97% RTP

An interesting take on the Venus Fly Trap sees this carnivorous plant give more than it takes. It even goes so far as to use its alien powers to award respins, and to increase your chances of landing Asteroid Wilds.

Let’s take a look at the other crazy-cool features this BetSoft slot has in store.


Prickly Sticky and Respin

Haven’t landed a win? No problem – the Prickly Sticky and Respin will sort that out for you, stat. A symbol will randomly become sticky, and the reels will respin until a win is awarded.


Sticky Asteroid Wilds

These Wilds will remain sticky for 2 spins – giving you a boosted shot at winning on any spin.


Rocketship Free Spins

3 rockets will accelerate your wins: awarding 10 free spins and Sticky Asteroid Wilds. Line up 4 or more, and you’ll get a whopping 10 spins, with the added shot at Multiplier Wilds.


Watch the slot trailer here:

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Jungle Stripes slot from Betsoft – 97% RTP

Fancy a jungle-themed adventure? Then saddle up sunshine, it’s time to wade deep into the wilderness, and claim those wins. With Jungle King Wilds that expand to fill entire reels, your chance at respins are high.

Plus, Moonglow Free Spins will gladly reward your effort generously with 10 free spins.


Watch the slot trailer here:

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Other High RTP BetSoft Slots To Make Noise About

Keen for more? We don’t blame you! BetSoft is one of the hottest providers in the industry, and their slots deserve to be made a fuss of.

With that said, here’s a list of high RTP slots from BetSoft that we recommend you check out:

  • A Night In Paris – 96.9% RTP
  • Stacked – 96.4% RTP
  • Hat Trick Hero 96.2% RTP
  • Thai Blossoms – 96.2% RTP
  • Wild Drops – 96.1% RTP


Keep Your Eyes Peeled For New Releases

Last year saw a flurry of new game releases, with titles such as BetSoft’s Woodlanders and Golden Dragon Inferno adding some quality to Punt’s offering.

Dragon Gaming came in strong with their visually stunning Demon Train Scratchcard, as well as the quirky Chase the Turkey.

Reevo, meanwhile, capitalised on the World Cup football fever with their launch of Super Goals and Reels. And that’s only to mention a few.

There have been an abundance of new slot drops in 2023, including two of Punt’s most popular releases: Reevo’s Wolf Wild and BetSoft’s Bounding Luck.

We’re thrilled to be able to keep these Slot Drops coming on the regular. The year has just begun, and there’s so much more in store – just you wait and see!

Casino games catalog at Punt Casino.

Magic Apple 2 slot from Booongo at Punt Casino.

Top Bitcoin Casino Games and Providers

February 9, 2023

Top Bitcoin Casino Games and Providers

February 9, 2023

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The Top Bitcoin Casino Game Providers, Games, and Jackpots at Punt

Bitcoin gambling is on the rise and the best place to bet with bitcoin is right here, at Punt Casino. Home to some of the best bitcoin casino game providers, top bitcoin casino games, and mind-blowing jackpots, Punt is the place to be with the newest games and daily bonus offers.

Today, we’re giving you the inside scoop on all our casino game providers, along with a peek at their biggest casino games, jackpots, and a few hidden gems in between.


1. Betsoft Gaming

Betsoft Gaming was launched in 2008 and now sits at the top of the food chain among the most successful casino game providers not only in the U.S. but around the world. 

Behind some of the most celebrated casino game titles ever made such as the magical Stacked, the ferocious Primal Hunt, the fun-loving Mr. Macau, and who could forget the no-nonsense Slotfather series, every player knows Betsoft games when they see them.

Slotfather and Slotfather 2 slots from Betsoft Gaming.

The list of the most popular slots from Betsoft goes on, and on, but it’s not only the slots department where Betsoft shines, as the top bitcoin casino games from Betsoft also include award-winning table games.

Want to know what our top bitcoin games are when it comes to Betsoft Gaming? Then check out these blockbusters today!


Our top games from Betsoft

  • Trinity Reels
  • 7 Fortune Frenzy
  • Captain’s Quest


Trinity Reels

Trinity Reels was launched a few months ago and already trumps our menu as one of the hottest casino games chosen by players – it’s even won the Battle of the Reels at Punt! With no paylines present, wins are awarded for landing identical symbols on adjacent reels with up to 177,147 ways to win, including split symbols that help you win.


7 Fortune Frenzy

7 Fortune Frenzy is one of the newer releases from Betsoft as it launched in late 2021, and dare we say this slot is out of this world – literally. It comes with a spaced-age theme and is played on a far-out 3×3 reel grid with additional reel for landing bonuses including bet multipliers, instant payouts, and respins.

7 Fortune Frenzy slot from Betsoft Gaming.

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Captain’s Quest

Ahoy, me hearties! Captain’s Quest sails in as our next choice for the top bitcoin casino games from Betsoft. Ready to find that life-changing treasure chest? Then this top slot from Betsoft is where you’ll find it, and the free spins are the place to look. 

It offers expanding Wilds that nudge to cover the entire reel, as well as “Treasure Reels” which award multiplier payouts during free spins.


Hidden gems from Betsoft Gaming

To be honest, it’s quite difficult to narrow Betsoft’s top games down to just a few – they’re all exceptional! But here are a few more of our best bitcoin casino games from Betsoft that you might be missing out on.


More top games from Betsoft Gaming

  • Wild Drops
  • Sugarpop 2
  • Heart’s Desire (NEW)
  • Bounding Luck (NEW)
  • Rags to Witches
  • Golden Dragon Inferno
  • Woodlanders

Top bitcoin casino games from Betsoft Gaming at Punt Casino.


Betsoft jackpot games

Looking to knock it out of the park with a jackpot payout? Here are some Betsoft jackpot games for you to do just that.

  • A Night in Paris
  • At the Copa
  • Slotfather
  • Greedy Goblins
  • Mr. Vegas


2. Reevo

If you’ve been playing at Punt, you’ll know that we keep the newest Reevo games coming in hot with the top bitcoin casino games from this premier provider hitting our menu on the regular.

Reevo really knows what a casino player is looking for in a game, delivering a high-quality gaming experience that never fails to impress – especially with the newer releases. 

Punt Casino is the home of the best bitcoin casino games from Reevo, and we frequently offer massive bonuses on their top slots, like our 150% Welcome Package with 15 Free Spins on one of Reevo’s chart-topping slots, Gods vs Titans.

The Punt Casino Welcome Package offers a 150% bonus and 15 free spins on Gods vs Titans slot with the first deposit after signing up with the casino.


Top games from Reevo

  • Golden Sheila
  • Coins of Luck
  • Gods vs Titans


Golden Sheila

We’re not quite sure what it is about Golden Sheila slot from Reevo, but players love it, and so do we! Is it the expanding “walking” Wilds, cascading symbols, or the bonus payout multipliers up to 50x? All we know is that Golden Sheila is one of our top bitcoin casino games on the menu, and it’s a blast!


Coins of Luck

Let’s start off by saying that even though this game is called Coins of Luck, “luck” has nothing to do with it – this game is fire! It’s one of the few jackpot games from Reevo, offering gigantic cymbals to help you win during free spins and a Lucky Coins Bonus with 3 jackpots up for grabs.

Coins of Luck slot from Betsoft Gaming at Punt Casino.

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Gods vs Titans

Reevo has taken epic to the next level with Gods vs Titans slot. There’s a reason that our Welcome Package offers free spins on this mind-blowing slot – it’s downright god-like. Get the full review on Gods vs Titans today and find out how you can take advantage of the 15 free spins in the best way possible.


Hidden Gems from Reevo

Here are some of our top picks for the best bitcoin casino games from Reevo. If you haven’t tried these yet, you’re missing out, and missing out is not cool, ya dig?


More top games from Reevo

  • Electro Reels
  • Moulin Reels
  • Super Goals & Reels
  • Wolf Wild
  • Alchemy Book
  • Reel Fortune
  • Piggy Detective


3. Booongo

Launched in 2015 by a group of passionate slot game aficionados, Booongo has risen up the ranks to become one of the top bitcoin casino game providers in the world, and it’s easy to see why – Booongo games bring on the power!

Booongo games banner.

Booongo specialize in high-quality slots and are known for their wide array of exciting casino slots featuring the “Hold & Win” bonus mechanic. Booongo is one of our newest providers at Punt and players are absolutely loving the games. Ready to find out which are our top bitcoin casino games from Booongo? Let’s check them out.


Top games from Redgenn-Booongo

  • Sun of Egypt 3: Hold & Win
  • Magic Apple 2: Hold & Win
  • Book of Sun


Sun of Egypt 3: Hold & Win

Sun of Egypt 3: Hold & Win is the third installment of the Sun of Egypt slot series, and with the first release becoming one of Booongo’s most popular slots, this new version is even better. It comes with an ancient Egyptian theme and is played on 5×3 reels with 25 paylines and 5 fixed jackpots up for grabs when triggering the Hold & Win bonus.


Magic Apple 2: Hold & Win

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which slot is the fairest of them all? Booongo have taken the Disney classic, Snow White, and transformed it into a stellar slot with Magic Apple 2 making our list of the best bitcoin casino games from Booongo. Get ready to be whisked away on a magical journey to big wins on 5×4 reels with 20 paylines and 4 fixed-amount jackpots in the Hold & Win bonus.

Play Now


Book of Sun

“Book of” games are extremely popular among online casino players – do we all love reading!? Anyhow, Book of Sun is one of the top bitcoin casino games at Punt and has players reading up on big wins with an exciting free spins bonus that applies special expanding symbols to help you win.


Hidden gems Redgenn-Booongo

There are so many outstanding slots from Booongo to choose from, many of them sporting the Hold & Win bonus with jackpots for the taking. Here are a few more of our favorite Redgenn-Booongo games for you to enjoy.


More top games from Booongo

  • Hit More Gold: Hold & Win
  • Black Wolf: Hold & Win
  • Olympian Gods
  • Dragon Pearls: Hold & Win
  • Book of Wizard: Double Chance
  • Buddha Fortune: Hold & Win


Redgenn-Booongo jackpot games

Most Booongo games come with fixed jackpot amounts instead of progressive jackpots – but you will find a few. In most cases, the fixed jackpots can be won during the Hold & Win bonus game. Here are a few more fixed jackpot slots from Booongo.

  • Super Marble: Hold & Win
  • 3 Coins Egypt: Hold & Win
  • Wukong: Hold & Win
  • Tigers Gold: Hold & Win


4. Dragon Gaming

Dragon Gaming was established by a group of casino game experts with many years of experience working for some of the best bitcoin casino game providers in the industry. Eventually, they decided that their games deserve their own brand, with the Dragon Gaming brand hatching from its egg shortly after.

Top bitcoin casino games from Dragon Gaming at Punt Casino.

Dragon Gaming specializes in both slots and table games, giving our players a wide variety of options to choose from at Punt – we’ve even thrown their leading table game into our list of the top bitcoin casino games from Dragon Gaming.


Top games from Dragon Gaming

  • El Mariachi
  • Blackjack
  • Project Space


El Mariachi

Get ready for some gun-slinging mixed with guitar-playing action in El Mariachi slot from Dragon Gaming. This is a popular choice among our players offering 5×3 reels with only 10 paylines and a desperado’s lust for the loot. You can also trigger free spins by landing Scatter symbols which will see you work through 5 levels, each seeing different bonus features come into play.



Table game players, this one’s for you. Of course, there’s nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to online blackjack games, but Blackjack from Dragon Gaming is one of the best choices on our list if you’re looking to play with cards – you can play up to 5 hands at once.

Blackjack from Dragon Gaming at Punt Casino.

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Project Space

Get ready for liftoff in one of Dragon Gaming’s newest slots – Project Space. It offers random Wilds, instant payouts with Comet symbols, bonus multipliers, as well as a free spins bonus game that sees you building a rocket ship to blast off to the big wins – it’s an absolute blast!


Hidden gems from Dragon Gaming

  • Chase the Turkey
  • Demon Train
  • Three Card Poker
  • Rise of the Titans
  • Legend of Horus
  • Aztec Warrior


5. RedRake Gaming

Just so you know, RedRake Gaming has nothing to do with having fun while gaming – this is one of the top bitcoin casino game providers at Punt and behind some really exciting titles. RedRake creates both slots and table games, with some interesting table options to choose from.

Some of the top bitcoin casino games from KA Gaming at Punt Casino.

RedRake Gaming has been around since 2011 but launched the brand in its entirety in 2015. With their wide array of slots sporting almost any theme you can imagine and a refreshing twist on table game classics, RedRake games really stick to their unique persona.


Top games from RedRake Gaming

  • Guardians of Luxor
  • Captain Wild (NEW)
  • Vikings Journey


Guardians of Luxor

We’re going deep into the caverns of ancient Egypt in Guardians of Luxor, and if you love hunting for treasure and big wins, this slot is for you. It’s played on a 5×3 reel grid with 30 fixed paylines and offers the chance to win 1 of 3 fixed jackpot amounts when triggering the Sacred Scarab bonus.


Captain Wild

Ever fantasized about having superpowers? Well, fantasize no more! Captain Wild can give you all the reel-spinning superpowers you need with a plethora of bonus features to help you save the day. It offers mystery symbols, an “Intergalactic Wheel” with multiplier payouts, and a supercharged free spins bonus with a whole bunch of exciting features that come into play.

Captain Wild from RedRake Gaming played at Punt Casino.

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Vikings Journey

Vikings have become very popular of late, thanks to the hit TV series, Vikings. Well, if you want to raid and pillage the reels for big wins, Vikings Journey is one of our top bitcoin casino games from RedRake. It’s 5 reels of pure awesome with many bonus features including a mini-game with a grand payout fit for a conqueror.


Hidden gems from RedRake Gaming

  • Gustav Minebuster
  • Burning Chilli
  • Hot & Win
  • Boomerang Jack’s Lost Mines
  • Million 777 Wheel


RedRake Gaming table games

  • Jacks or Better
  • Joker Poker
  • European Roulette
  • Blackjack Switch


6. Fugaso

Fugaso was established in 2016 and launched its first series of 10 slots in 2017. The provider is known for its Day 2 Day Jackpots mechanic which offers progressive jackpots that are awarded to players every single day. With captivating themes and an array of high-quality Fugaso games in slots, table game, and crash game categories, Fugaso offers something for every type of player.

Top bitcoin casino games from Fugaso at Punt Casino.

As one of the best bitcoin casino game providers in the world right now, their mission is to create state-of-the-art casino games to provide a unique gaming experience, and they deliver. Some of our best picks for the top bitcoin casino games from Fugaso are the following.


Top games from Fugaso

  • Book of Anime
  • Magnify Man
  • Magic Spinners


Book of Anime

Welcome to an anime world where all things are possible – including winning big. Book of Anime slot from Fugaso is a popular choice of players who enjoy slots from this premier provider, and it offers the works with Day 2 Day Jackpots and free spins with expanding symbols to increase your chances of winning.


Magnify Man

Ever since crash games hit the online gambling scene, players seem to just not get enough of them. Magnify Man by Fugaso is a unique crash game that sees the ‘vehicle’ take the form of a high-flying superhero. Place your bet and see how long you can hold on for the ride to win insane multipliers by the end.

Magnify Man crash game played at Punt Casino.

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Magic Spinners

Fruit slot-lovers rejoice – Magic Spinners slot is juicy as hell! This game is one of our personal favorites and makes the list of the top bitcoin casino games at Punt just in time for you to take a bite from a big ol’ win. Plus, it also offers Day 2 Day jackpots so have at it!


Hidden gems from Fugaso

  • Fat Mama’s Wheel
  • Neon Roulette
  • Stoned Joker 5
  • Diamond Blitz 100
  • Lil Santa


Fugaso jackpot games

Fugaso is known for delivering daily progressive jackpots with the Day 2 Day Jackpots mechanic. These payouts continue growing until 1 lucky player wins and are awarded daily in participating Fugaso games. Here are a few of the great ones.

  • Jewel Sea Pirate Riches
  • The Mummy Win Hunters
  • Book of Tattoo
  • Hit the Diamond
  • Clash of Gods


7. Tom Horn Gaming

As you can see, our list of the top bitcoin casino game providers goes on, and on, but the next best provider on our list needs no introduction – Tom Horn Gaming has been rocking the reels and tables since 2016 and is one of the most prominent casino game providers on the market.

Top bitcoin casino games from Tom Horn Gaming at Punt Casino.

Tom Horn games include slots with various reel mechanics and it almost feels as though every game is different from the last, which is not always the case with many casino game providers, especially when considering the wide array of themes available. Here are some of our top bitcoin casino games from Tom Horn Gaming.


Top games from Tom Horn Gaming

  • The Secret of Ba
  • Mine Mine Quest
  • 243 Crystal Fruits


The Secret of Ba

The Secret of Ba is one of Tom Horn’s all-time classics and takes you on a journey to meet the gods of old with untold treasures and mystical beings waiting to bestow the power of Ba on the brave souls who venture into her realm. It offers cascading symbols and a free spins bonus that can only leave you in awe.


Mine Mine Quest

You don’t need any mining gear to unearth mega payouts in Mine Mine Quest – only a passion for blowing stuff up to reveal big, smoldering wins. Mine Mine Quest is similar to Candy Crush in a way, with cascading symbols that vanish to make room for new wins with every payout combo.

Mine Mine Quest from Tom Horn Gaming played at Punt Casino.

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243 Crystal Fruits

243 Crystal Fruits from Tom Horn is rather unique, as it starts off on a 5×3 reel grid, but transforms into a 243 Ways to Win mechanic with free respins when landing any winning combination with a Wild symbol on reels 2, 3, or 4. On top of that, all winning combos will disappear to make room for new symbols to drop in and award more wins.


Hidden gems from Tom Horn Gaming

Apart from those magnificent slots from Tom Horn, we have a few more top bitcoin casino games from this outstanding provider.


More top games from Tom Horn Gaming

  • Dragon vs Phoenix
  • 3 Mermaids
  • Hawaiian Fever
  • Flaming Fruit
  • Wheel of Luck
  • Book of Spells


8. Spribe

Meet the king of bitcoin casino mini-games – Spribe. Known best for its flagship crash game, Aviator, Spribe has taken what we know and expect from online casino gaming, flipped it on its head, and come out with some spectacular titles offering a new twist on casino game classics.

Spribe casino games at Punt Casino.

The company was founded in 2018, which makes it a fairly new provider in the online gambling scene, but there’s no shortage of experience or talent here, folks. Spribe games offer something unique, and yet with only 8 games on our menu, there’s a game for everyone.


Top games from Spribe

  • Dice
  • Aviator
  • Mines



The first thing you should know is that Dice from Spribe is not played with dice at all. The point of the game is to guess whether the game will spit out a random number above or below the main number displayed on the screen. It sounds bizarre, but it’s a thrilling guessing game and can have you scoring massive multipliers if you guess right.



Aviator from Spribe is another top bitcoin casino crash game that players are making a huge fuss about, and it’s no secret why. This crash game awards multiplier payouts the further you manage to fly. Simply place your bet, take off, and ride that multiplier as long as you can, cashing out before the plane flies away. It’s one of the top bitcoin casino games on our menu right now.

Aviator crash game is one of the top bitcoin casino games at Punt Casino.

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Here’s the perfect example of “keep it simple, stupid”. Mines from Spribe is a very basic game that might even remind you of your childhood. It’s easy to play – you simply keep picking blocks on a grid to reveal stars with each star adding to your payout and you can cash out when you’re ready. If you pick a block that reveals a bomb, it’s game over.


Hidden gems from Spribe

With only 8 games from Spribe on our menu right now, there’s nothing hidden here. Each and every Spribe game offers something unique, so we suggest playing them all.


More top games from Spribe

  • Plinko
  • Hi Lo
  • Goal
  • Keno
  • Mini Roulette


9. KA Gaming

KA Gaming offers the most games at Punt Casino with over 420 titles on our menu. It was founded back in 2014 and is one of the largest game providers in the Asian market – you’ll notice this from the various Asian-inspired themes in the catalog. The best games from KA Gaming games are as entertaining as they come, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

KA Gaming casino games at Punt Casino.

KA Gaming offers a highly diversified portfolio of premier casino games, and if you can’t find a game that attracts you in this massive menu, then you certainly won’t find it anywhere else. This provider is quickly becoming one of the top bitcoin casino game providers in the world, and our top 3 picks for the best bitcoin casino games from this provider at Punt may prove why.


Top bitcoin casino games from KA Gaming

  • Book of Moon: Fusion Reels
  • 4 Dragon Kings
  • Hamlet


Book of Moon: Fusion Reels

Book of Moon: Fusion Reels is a 6-reel, no-payline slot that offers up to 15,625 ways to win with winning combos formed by landing 3 or more symbols on adjacent reels. But the most exciting part of this slot is the free spins bonus, where expanding symbols come into play that could possibly pay you twice during the same spin.


4 Dragon Kings

This may sound a bit gruesome, but have you ever shot a fish before? What about a giant alien dragon filled with riches beyond your wildest dreams? 4 Dragon Kings is probably one of the most unusual casino games you’ve ever played. Aim your bullseye at your target and fire away to destroy these scaly beasts and score the motherlode.

4 Dragon Kings from KA Gaming played at Punt Casino.

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To be, or not to be – that, is definitely NOT the question in Hamlet slot from KA Gaming – it’s “be” all the way in this quirky slot, and we mean “be” rich! There’s nothing overly fancy in Hamlet, it’s just a straight-up, classic slots experience with the only frill being a free spins bonus with some super expanding Wilds that increase your chances of winning in a very big way.


Hidden gems from KA Gaming

  • Ocean Princess
  • Super Keno
  • Hare vs Tortoise
  • Golden 777
  • Flaming 7s
  • Squid Party


The top bitcoin casino game providers and games are found at Punt

As you can see, our top bitcoin casino games and game providers offer everything you need to enjoy a five-star gaming experience. We keep adding new games to the game menu regularly, so keep a lookout for the hottest new games hitting our menu every day. But for now, you’ve got some winning to do, so good luck and show ‘em who’s boss!

Casino games catalog at Punt Casino.

Punt Casino is a safe online casino to play with in 2023.

Looking for a Safe Online Casino? Play It Safe, Play At Punt

February 1, 2023

Looking for a Safe Online Casino? Play It Safe, Play At Punt

February 1, 2023

Blog » Posts tagged "casino tips"

Punt Casino – The Safe Online Casino to Play With in 2023

Online security is extremely important when browsing the web, interacting on social platforms, banking, shopping online, and for today’s topic, playing online casino games to make it big. In fact, online safety is important in every aspect of your digital life, and should certainly not be ignored.

So if you’re looking to gamble online, finding a safe online casino to play with in 2023 is a top priority. But since you’re reading this, it means you’ve already found a premier gaming destination where safe online gambling has been taken to the next level.

But how safe are you really when gambling online? Do you even know what to look out for when it comes to finding a secure online casino? And are you making the best use of these online casino security features? Well, after reading this, you’ll know exactly why countless players choose Punt as the safest online casino to play with in 2023.


SSL encryption

Your first line of defense when playing at Punt is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Security Encryption. What is SSL and why is it important? Look up at your web address bar for a second, do you see this?

Punt Casino is fully protected by SSL Security Certificate.

Of course, you do – that’s because the Punt Casino website is fully protected with cutting-edge 256-bit SSL Security. What this means is that you are connected safely and securely and that all information exchanged between you and the site is fully encrypted, helping to solidify Punt as a safe online casino.

Punt Casino is protected by SSL Security Encryption.

This deters hackers and virtual villains that are always looking for a gap to steal personal information, financial details, or those big wins you’ve been saving in your Punt Casino account for when Bitcoin goes balls out for another bull run.

But anyway, that’s only the first line of defense and helps us to provide safe online gambling for players around the world. Now let’s take a look at something that can not only improve your online security but also your cash flow.


Safe & secure casino deposits and withdrawals

Okay, now you may be skeptical at first considering the current crypto climate (don’t worry Die-Hards, it’s happened before), but using crypto for transacting online offers many benefits – including privacy and security. We’re not necessarily saying you should invest in crypto, but why not use its benefits to your advantage when banking online at a safe online casino?

You can take advantage of faster, cheaper, and safer deposits using any of our accepted cryptos at Punt.

Crypto transactions offer a high level of security, and by offering trusted crypto deposit methods (with a stylish quick-deposit method, might we add), Punt Casino gives players the opportunity not only to step into the ever-evolving world of crypto in a safe online gambling environment, but also to take advantage of its benefits – security included!


Password protection

Nothing new here folks – even your fridge or microwave might be password-protected in today’s digital world, but are you vigilant with your passwords, and do you remember to change them every now and then? You should, and the option to do this is nestled safely in your profile menu once you’ve logged in to your account.

Accessing the Punt Casino profile menu.

Here you can view your transaction history, upload identification documents for even more security, manage your preferences, manage your communications with Punt, and of course, change your password. And as the top safe online casino, we recommend you do so frequently.


Reputable software

Let’s be honest, there are many fly-by-night casino brands out there offering sketchy games that lag with software that at times seem to conveniently lose your funds when switching from 1 game to another – none of that riff-raff here, peeps.

Our game providers are known throughout the industry as some of the most reputable brands in online gambling – we’ve got some of the giants here at Punt! And they all help to provide a safe online gambling platform for our players.


Betsoft, Tom Horn Gaming, Fugaso, Dragon Gaming, and many more top-tier providers, including our newest addition, Booongo, supply our players with only the best gaming software out there, not to mention the five-star gaming experience we’re known for.


Licensed to thrill

If you want to know if you’re playing with a safe online casino you can trust, then look out for a license. Punt Casino is fully licensed with the Curacao Gaming Authority – the highest-ranking gaming license a crypto casino can obtain. 

But it’s not only our license that puts us in the green, we’re also endorsed by some of the leading casino awards, news, and review sites in the industry.

Punt Casino is fully licensed and endorsed by leading brands in online gaming.

A license means that a casino must adhere to strict rules and regulations that pertain to safe online gambling and the treatment of its players. What does that mean for you? A fair and trustworthy gaming experience. 

Don’t get us wrong – we would’ve treated you like royalty either way, but decided to get the certification to prove it. ?


Fair terms and conditions that keep you protected

We know what you’re thinking – “boo, wagering requirements, boo!” But hey, we can’t go out giving you these massive bonuses without even a little bit of protection. Plus, our bonus terms are more than fair, and are there to protect both our players and the casino. You want your favorite playground to stay open for business, right?

But apart from our, and yes, we’re going to say it, generous bonus terms, we have many other Terms and Conditions that protect you as a player, so if you really want to see the full extent of how a safe online casino protects you, check them out today.


All the knowledge at your fingertips

If this is your first time visiting the Punt Casino Blog, then welcome to a platform offering an endless stream of information and guides to help provide a safe online gambling experience when playing online. 

Apart from letting you know what’s hot and happening at Punt, we also provide various articles on crypto gambling, online safety, secure banking, and much, much more.

Here are a few topics on online safety you might find useful:

But there’s so much more to discover, and it’s all there for you to make the best of your Punt Casino experience.


Play It Safe, Play At Punt

As you can see, we look out for our players in many different ways with a safe online gambling platform that was built to impress. Software and security protocols are one thing, but giving YOU the power to protect your digital self is something else, wouldn’t you say? 

Anyway, you probably want to head and start snatching up those big wins and jackpots waiting in our top casino games at Punt now that you know you’re doing so at a safe online casino. Don’t forget what you’ve learned today, and also don’t forget that you get up to 15% cashback on all your daily deposits at Punt – that’s a game-changer.

Punt Casino game catalog.

Slots or Blackjack – What’s the Best?

January 31, 2023

Slots or Blackjack – What’s the Best?

January 31, 2023

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Slots vs Blackjack – Which Is Better to Play? Find Out Now

If you’re playing in a casino, whether it be land-based or online, naturally, you’d be wondering which types of casino games you should be playing – or better yet, which games will give you the best chance of winning. 

Now, we’ve already covered choosing between slots or table games in general, but today, we’re narrowing the choice down to the most popular casino game overall, and the most popular table game of them all – slots or blackjack.

Of course, slot games are by far the popular choice, but for reasons that don’t necessarily prove slots to be the better game. There are many factors to consider when choosing between slots vs blackjack, and we’re about to reveal them all.


The difference between slots vs blackjack

Besides the obvious fact that slots have spinning reels where you’ll need to match symbols to form payouts and blackjack is played with cards and chips on a table, there are a few more differences to consider when choosing between slots or blackjack.

Slots or blackjack, what's the best?

Firstly, slots come in many different shapes and sizes, often giving you the chance to partake in special bonus games and unlock features – especially in online slots. They are pretty much only limited to the imaginations of the creators, and they keep evolving as time goes on.

Blackjack, on the other hand, is a timeless casino classic. The rules and mechanics of the game generally stay the same, regardless of whether you’re playing online or on land. Yes, blackjack has also evolved to include many added features and bonus side bets, but the overall idea stays the same.

Another major difference between slots vs blackjack is that a slot is purely a game of chance, whereas blackjack does require some skill and know-how to play the game, or to play the game well, at least.

When to double down in blackjack.

This is one of the main reasons why slots are the popular choice – not only because there are more options to choose from in slots, but also because most players don’t know how to play blackjack, or simply don’t want to play a game where decision-making is required.

Online slot games basically require you to click a button and spin the reels, hoping that the payout symbols will form a winning combination once the reels stop. 

Blackjack requires you to place your bets and draw numbered cards to reach as close to 21 without going over, hoping that your hand will better the dealer’s to secure a payout equal to your bet. These 2 games couldn’t be more different.


Understanding odds and house edge

Still can’t decide between slots or blackjack? Good, because there is something else you should consider. You can read many articles on this topic online, and most of them will tell you that blackjack is the way to go when considering blackjack odds vs slots odds.

If you want to determine which game is the better choice in terms of the odds, you’ll need to look at something called the “house edge”. The house edge is the mathematical advantage a casino has over the player, and applies to each and every casino game in the house.

Casino games with the lowest house edge and best odds at Punt.

The house edge is a percentage based on the difference between the payout for a winning bet and the odds of winning that bet. It is the opposite of the RTP (Return To Player) percentage displayed in the rules of many online casino games. Let’s compare the house edge for slots vs blackjack.


Blackjack House Edge

The house edge for blackjack games is generally lower than for slots at an average of 2% to 3%. This means that the payback percentage (RTP) is around 97.% to 98%. However, that depends on the type of blackjack you are playing. 

Using Blackjack Basic Strategy could even lower the house edge to a staggering 0.5%. One of our popular blackjack games on the menu, for example – Blackjack from Dragon Gaming, displays a theoretical RTP of 99.50% in the menu.

Blackjack from Dragon Gaming played at Punt Casino.

Play Now


Slots House Edge

The average RTP for slot games is around 95%, but you’ll find many slots on our menu with RTPs above 97% such as Mr. Macua or Quest to the West from Betsoft, for example – both sporting RTPs above 97% with many more on the menu.

Mr. Macau slot from Betsoft played at Punt Casino.

Play Now

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the specific game you choose. You can find the RTP percentages displayed in the menu of most casino games, so if you’re opting for slots, check out our slots menu today.

Does a house edge of 2% (or whatever it is) mean that you’ll lose 2% of your money every time you play? Not at all. These are theoretical percentages and are calculated over thousands of spins on a slot or hands in a blackjack game.

So that’s a wrap when it comes to house edge and odds for slots or blackjack, but does the better average house edge for blackjack mean it’s the better choice? Not quite. To better understand which game is going to be the best for you, let’s have a look at the advantages of each.


Advantages of playing slots vs blackjack

  • No Strategy or Skill Required. Slot games are very easy to play and you don’t need to apply any strategy or make decisions – other than the size of your bet, that is.
  • Jackpots and Bigger Payouts. Many slots offer progressive jackpots or big multiplier payouts, as opposed to the even-money or 3 to 2 payout in blackjack.
  • More Variety. Slots come in many different variations, which means you’ll always have something new to play – especially when considering our menu of over 1,000 casino games in total, and that goes for slots or blackjack games.
  • Wide Betting Range. Slot games can cost anywhere between $0.10 to $100 or even more per spin. This makes them attractive to all types of players – big or small.
  • Exciting Range of Themes and Features. Many slot games offer extra features and bonus games that make playing them a heap of fun. They also come with various themes and you can find anything to suit your mood.
  • Casino Bonuses and Promotions. Most casinos offer bonus funds when making a deposit to play slots. These offers usually do not apply to table games such as blackjack. At Punt Casino, for example, you can claim a 150% BONUS with your first deposit, and it even includes 15 FREE SPINS on Gods vs Titans – one of our top slots at Punt.

The Punt Casino Welcome Package offers a 150% bonus and 15 free spins on Gods vs Titans slot with the first deposit after signing up with the casino.


Advantages of playing blackjack vs slots

  • Better Odds and House Edge (in most cases). As we’ve come to learn, blackjack does offer the better house edge and payout odds when comparing slots vs blackjack. It’s not always the case, but for the most part, it’s true.
  • Opportunity to Influence the Outcome. If you learn how to play blackjack well and how to use basic strategy, you can influence the outcome of the game and possibly reduce the edge that the house has by making the correct choices and playing smart.
  • More Engaging. If you enjoy keeping your mind occupied with the game while playing, blackjack is the game for you. It allows you to interact and perform actions when playing, instead of just clicking the spins button for the duration of your play in slots.
  • Basic Payouts. Blackjack offers pretty basic payouts of either 1 to 1, 3 to 2 for landing a blackjack (sometimes 6 to 5), or a push (draw). There are some variations that offer side bets with bigger payouts, but the basics stay the same.
  • Different Variations Online. Both slots or blackjack games come in many varieties – not as many in blackjack, but if you’re a keen blackjack player, you’ll have many options to choose from created by different providers when playing online.

Some of the online blackjack games available to play at Punt Casino.

More Games


Slots or blackjack? Why not both?

By now you should have a good idea of which game is better for you when comparing slots vs blackjack. But has it occurred that you don’t need to make this tough choice? We have tons of slots and blackjack games available at Punt, and they’re all yours for the picking.

Why not take a break from spinning the reels for a few quick double-your-moneys in blackjack? Or take a shot at riches in the best jackpot slots after hitting it big on the cards?

Our point is that there is no clear choice between slots or blackjack – both have their benefits and it all depends on YOU. But hey, if you really need to make the choice, the best way to decide between slots vs blackjack is to play them all, so good luck and may the force be with you.

Casino games catalog at Punt Casino.

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